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  1. I learned this board in a day (with the combination of manual and the Phantom Frog, trying everyting). Did the first show the next day, and apart from some small programming errors it wasn't a biggie. And I came from the Z88 Lightmaster, wich is very simple (or so they tell me, I still have a hard time programming/using a chase on that thing, while on the FatFrog I can do it blind (true, still have some issues with the submaster chases, but still trying to find the fault myself)
  2. I agree with this, although in my opinion a line seperating the 'blocks' is fine as well.
  3. Spotter


    Hey all, I probably have looked over it in the manual, but is it possible to make one of the preset faders 'switch' instead of fade? So when you are below 50%, the dmx value will be 0, otherwise it is 255. I know this is possible on the Lightmaster XL(S) (yes I am in the 'lucky' position still using them) and I would like to know if this is possible on the FatFrog. Thanks, Jurgen
  4. Spotter


    Ice, I think we both made our points clear and we won't get any further. I guess it's just wait and see. pollywog: I wasn't talking about pressing colour and channel 1 with one hand, but more like [Wheel Group]+[Clear] etc.
  5. Spotter


    I do see your point Ice, and you definitely have more experience on the Frog range then me, but why would you take a Fixture button (in this case the Clear button) out of the fixture part of the console? That way you end up having buttons for one 'function group' all around the console. And we are already using the wheel group button for untagging fixtures, why not keep it that way? Another point is, if you have tagged your fixtures right, and want to delete something to put them there, or any other reason. By deleting that memory/submaster you might actually end up untagging your fixtures as well. On a more personal note: het is niks persoonlijks.
  6. Spotter


    I can do about every combination with 1 hand..... And furthermore, I feel (but please correct me if I'm wrong) that using the wheelgroup for all untagging makes the desk easier to remember (not exactly what I wanted to say, 'overzichtelijk' is the word in dutch, and Ice will understand)
  7. Spotter


    that sounds good, but the combo alone should be enough to trigger it (so no 1 second wait).
  8. erm, wouldn't 13 (8+5) (or 15, if you include 2 'off' functions) pallet positions do? that way you can still make 8x5 combinations?
  9. as far as I can see Ice is talking about the 'channel' flash buttons, not the submaster ones. Still, I don't really see that much added value, as you would 'have' to be working blind for this. And believe me, it isn't that great (yes I tried, yesterday night, because they forgot to pack a power connector for my monitor).
  10. :oops: :oops: didn't even know there was one...... :oops: :oops:
  11. Although I do very much agree with what is said below, in the meantime you could tape the Grand Master to 100%, and thus one won't be able to move it by accident
  12. I'd like to back Ice up in 2 points, first, the new firmware looks great (first show on saturday, so I might change my opinon then ). Second I would like the 0.5 sec (instead of 1) as well, although I'm programming at home now I could see it taking too long in time-critical situations.
  13. Just a small extension on ice's first post, instead of 0's you could implement something like '--'. If you make the output for that the same as 0, but non-programable. So if you want to program the individual parameters set it to 0-255, if you don't want to program it set it to '--'. Pro's: -all values still programmable, without any strange settings -quick -no need for any new menu's/questions (like ice suggested) Cons: -maybe a bit hard for beginners (myself included), but RTFM should solve the problem with the users
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