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  1. Hi, Found the subs easy to edit live, as long as you have a few minutes, and REMEMBER to DISABLE the FLASH BUTTONS :roll: Here was I creating a scene from Noyes Fludde when it was supposed to be the big romantic number. :oops: Lucky it was the tech So please... a wee prog tweek to disable the flash functions during edit. Ta... George...
  2. i. and very useful it is too, but what I would find even more useful is the actual sm fader position (o/p level), so that the display on the output or SM page mimics all the fader positions, this would help when busking in the dark i.e. most 1 night events :roll: when you have no program or setup time :x where you are running the board on subs and flying blind. ta, George...
  3. Something I would find useful is a submaster level on the subs page. AND also would be dead useful on the Outputs page. :idea: e.g. sm level name etc... 1 [73] USR Congo boost ... 2 [FF] SL L113 special ... and so on the same as the O/P's page display i.e. green 'n' red for rising & falling levels Nummer 2. please can we have a few bits of punctuation allowed on the names fields, not much just a few ///'s & &&&'s mebbe a few ...'s as well. oh! & a bakspase & delete 'cos mi speling is cra^H^H not very good. 8O ta most glad, George...
  4. Might be helpful if the date or version # of the various manuals was also shown, this would make any updated paperwork easier to find. ta, George...
  5. Hi! fellow purveyors of the lamping art. :idea: Soon to get a hold of a Bullfrog and a coupla Chilli pro dimmz any day now. Should have managed to install the gubbins in a couple of weeks. Oooh! a digital setup at last. The last 27yrs have bin :oops: all analogue strand (STM, JTM & AMC). Any of you xperts have any hints & tips on the install & operating of the Bullfrog 'n' Chillis? Ta most glad. may all your blackouts be plotted :roll: Geo... :arrow:
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