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  1. Hi Jon, Nice to have your help again, I Am sure you remember me from Porthcawl :-) The File is referenced on the ill-500 page http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/1 as http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/307 it talks about fixtures working on the ill-500 and talks about virtual dimmers etc. Cheers Si
  2. Hi Many thanks for you reply .. I wish that was made clear in your user manuals. The Notes about the Fixture Editor make it look as if the support for Virtual Channels is there on the ill-500. Do you have any suggestions about using 30+ RGB LED devices on the ill-500 please ? Many thanks Si
  3. I am working on a show with multiple LED Fixtures, and had to create my own Fixture Library. For the LED's its pretty easy, one Virtual Channel, and then RGB for the Colours a couple of them have a 4th channel for their mode. All Simple Stuff, however when I load my Fixtures into the Ill-500, then for each fixture the colours show up under the colour window, but there is no Overall Brightness control. Which will make plotting rather difficult. I have attached my Fixture Lib, Can Anyone give me a clue where i am going wrong. illusion500.ift
  4. Is it possible to save individual Intensity levels when I create a group of lanterns ? A Strand 500 feature I miss is the ability to balance a group, and then when I say "Group 1 @ full" or use the wheel .. group 1 returns to those balanced Levels. This makes Plotting so much faster. Is there a way to do this on the Orb ? I suspect that one way to do this is to use Subs .. but that is not so convenient when I have a large number of groups and its not possible then to reduce the level of a group later in the editing. Any help Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the answer.. I guess that is a very nice way of saying .. your desk doesn't do that. Having used UV cannons on non-Dim for many years and seen it done like that at all the professional venues I work at too. Our Cannons have done over 10 years like this, so I think its ok :-) we got round it by setting the Dimmer Law to SWITCH .. but this is a real pain as we have to remember to unset them at the getout. Cheers Si
  6. Hi, I am using an Orb and trying to make a channel Non Dim,just like I can on the Strand 500 ( and pretty much any other desk) I dont find any mention in the user manuals. So I think I am being pretty thick and missing the obvious I have tried assigning the RELAY fixture to a channel, however I notice this expects to be connected to a relay device and the DMX vlaues still can have values other then 0 and 255. I am using UV cannons on standard dimmers and they need to either by ON or OFF . Any help Much Appreciated. Thanks Si
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