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  1. Any ideas in this direction? Even if a cut down version was knocked up it would be nice to see how the desk works.
  2. I much prefer a brief glance at the "outputs" screen than looking out for LED's.
  3. Thanks again everybody, all ideas were exhausted and the problem was solved by fiddling around with the scene before and using some more generics for the spots to free up the Macs a bit more. sp, yes we are very lucky, I'll send you one just a pity about all the stupid health and safety rubbish that is slowly eroding our freedom in the Theatre.
  4. Thanks very much for the quick replies. I agree that the Director needs erm,,,well,,,yes, but he is one of my teachers! I will have a play tomorrow with the "snap" idea. I should have said that I have set the Macs to SCEU or whatever setting it is that makes them take the shortest route to the next colour.
  5. Evening all, I am programming a school play with a Fat Frog using a load of generics, 2 Mac 500's and 2 600's. The director is utterly averse to blackouts. I have one scene where both 500s are being used as narrow green spots on either side of the stage (two people on the phone to each other). After they have finished talking the director wants the Macs to swing up onto the Gauze with a spinning triple white triangle gobo thing. Is it at all possible to get the Macs to move across there without cycling through numerous colours and gobos? I have tried setting the Mov Speed to 255 so they
  6. I don't know if you want to buy one or hire one but I have just hired one from Kave in sussex for £30 for 10 days.
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