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  1. Hi, Over the past while my FatFrog has been hanging occasionally (well getting close to 50% of the time!) when powered up. It doesn't even get as far as checking the floppy drive for upgrade disk etc (it doesn't seem to make a difference whether or not a floppy is in the drive). Cycling the power the desk comes up fine. I'm just afraid that someday it will not come up at all. Any ideas on what may be the problem or what i need to check? My frog is running software version 10.4.1. The BIOS version is 5.2.1 (8/3/04) and the battery state reads OK. I can provide serial number if required. Any ideas? Thanks, Andrew.
  2. After supplying 3 Jester 24/48s and having my own 12/24 Jester I thought it was time to re-visit this problem. I found a company in the US that make nice custom dust covers - www.compucover.com. They work out at about £20 each and you can even get a matching one for your monitor - they take about 2-3weeks to make and deliver to UK - they also have a useful UK helpline number if you need to chase your order. Hope this helps some of you out there. Andrew.
  3. I have a fatfrog and use it in various Churches and for Christian events throughout Northern Ireland. Great job. Thanks.
  4. Paul - sounds good - is there a target date or timeframe for the next release? Thanks, Andrew.
  5. I have just discovered that this upgrade is available and am interested in people's comments on 10.8 but unless i am missing something there is a distinct lack of interest/comment on this forum around this version... I have only just got used to 10.4 (which is great) but I don't want to jump in if there are issues - it does seem much more complicated in terms of tracking. Andrew.
  6. Hi, I just added a couple of additional moving heads to my rig and i wanted to move my assigned fixtures around a bit to allow me to make use of the Fan-Middle feature (as this is tied to the number of the fixture and not the order they are selected in). Is there any way to do this without losing the stored palette information or do I need to go the effort of re-creating them all again? Before anyone suggests, changing the DMX values or positions in the rig of my lights is not an option as the new lights are slightly different from existing ones and i want to symetrically match my lights on the rig. Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Andrew.
  7. Fantastic service - thanks for considering this. This is why i bought a Zero88 desk rather than from the competition. Andrew
  8. Hi, Is there any reason why when you copy and paste between submasters and memories that the name is not also copied across? If not could this be considered in a future release? I must admit I thought that the desk would have automatically done this (like the Frog desks). All in all though, a lovely desk. Thanks, Andrew. PS: I'm using v1.8 JOS
  9. mmm...sounds like a job for my wife Thanks anyway. Andrew. PS: Would be nice to have an official one supplied with the desk - one of the nice touches I thought when I bought my FatFrog.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Andrew.
  11. Hi, I do most of my lighting on my own and as a result whenever I'm focusing lamps I either have to find someone available to bring up the sliders when I shout down from the stage or run up and down the venue and up and down ladders to fade up different lights. Enough was enough - this takes far too much time and I'm not getting any younger! So, I got myself an RF transmitter/reciever from eBay. Mine is only a 2 channel version but you can get them with up to 7 channels easily - It cost me <£20 and even came in a case with a key fob transmitter. Add a 12V power supply and simply wire in the DC power and the outputs to a DIN plug for the Frog remote inputs and hey presto, a very simple wireless remote. I then set up a series of memories to represent channels 1-48 and configure one of the remote inputs to go to the start of this memory stack and the other as a standard GO button. This allows me to stay up the ladder and focus, stepping through the channels as it suits me and returning back to channel 1 easily when I need to (eg when cross over to the other side of the stage to do it all again or if I'm only rigging a 6 or 12 channel rig) - all from my little keyfob! A must have time saver in my opinion and I wish I would have done it sooner Hopefully this will be of use to some of you folk. Any questions give me a shout. Andrew.
  12. Hi, Is there a Zero88 dust cover available for the Jester? If, does anyone know of an alternative? Many Thanks. Andrew.
  13. Is the Jester Power supply compatible with the FatFrog - ie having a Jester as a backup desk doubles as a spare power supply. Thanks Andrew.
  14. Interesting suggestion, thanks. Would mean that I could still use pallates for the colour macros for setting "full" colour intensity. That would allow timed fades using subs or memories (using LTP fade time). Manual dimming would be still be possible on the RGB generic channels. Any other ideas?
  15. Hi, I am just about to receive some cheapy PAR64 LED fixtures. What is the best way to control these using a Fat Frog? I was hoping to set the RGB as colour parameters so that I could use pallates but then just realised that these being LTP cannot be controlled for brightness using a submaster. Am I best to just set these up using Generic channels? or what do you folk suggest is best? I already have 4 fixtures assigned to my Fat Frog and use up to 24 generic channels. I am only getting 4 of the LED units (at least to start) and would like to have individual control over them for greatest flexibility but I do want to be able to "easily" match colours between them during set up Each LED unit requires 6 DMX channels (RGB, Colour Macro, Strobe, Colour change macro) - not exactly sure what the Colour Macro channel is but I suggest it allows me to select individual colours without RGB mixing). Thanks, Andrew.
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