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  1. Inside the menus on the macs is a personality setting that states whether indexing is on or off.
  2. As was said in the previous thread pointed out above. A selectable lock function would be great, user defined in the super user or something like that.
  3. Operators being careful, I wish they'd at least concentrate on the stage for a start.
  4. Can I suggest a fader lock. I recently did a show for a school. I had programmed all the scenes for the operators, they just had to hit go at the right time. Throughout the show I noticed that balckouts were not quite blackouts and whilst the fixtures were supposed to be in their home positions they weren't. On later inspection, I discovered that the operators were accidentally pushing up the faders and the submasters, with their scripts. Could there be a function to lock all but the playback controls. Maybe even a lock function, that could be changed in the super user, to optionally decide which functions were locked.
  5. Alot of movers have a blackout whilst moving option. In the Macs I think putting the position effects speed to 100% will do so, check the Martin manual.
  6. Wow, that's dedication Paul, half ten on a Saturday night, I was not expecting a reply from a service engineer. I knew you had a reputation for good service but I didn't know it was that good. + 10 volts is fine, thing is we own an Alcora with the analogue out option, we hired a Leapfrog for this week because it's the school show and we're using a set of moving heads. Thing is I'd forgotten to think about the fact this frog wouldn't have analogue outs. Idiot! The hire company wanted £35 a week for a demux. Does what you'v said mean no the Alcora doesn't include a mini demux to get the analogues out. Is it direct from the faders and as such will my plugging the two DMX outs together just not work. Otherwise I think I might just have to resort to putting both side by side and hitting go at the same time. Thanks.
  7. The Frog has no analogue outputs so: Can I plug the DMX out of the frog into an Alcora which does have analogue outs? This assumes the analogue outs are just a mini de-mux. Alternatively is there a way of making the alcora trigger on some kind of cue from the frog desk? It is a little annoying that you've got a desk worth so much and it doesn't come with analogue outs, it's cheaper little brother does. Thanks.
  8. Exactly how do you assign fixtures. I've been into the superuser and assigned the fixtures I've got but at no point did it ask me the start address of each of the fixtures? So I thought ok, I'll make them do something and then look at the DMX output screen. Nothing was happening. The fixture preview screen said something was happening, but the DMX screen, nothing. Am I being utterly stupid. I've never had to assign the fixtures before, they've always been done before I arrive at a desk. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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