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  1. Hey this is what you can do. First create your pallets for position, Brightness, Colour, Beamshape. and your patch and assignd fixtures. save this to disk as previously sugested now if you use the same rigg or similar riggs usualy all you have to do is create enough position pallets that when your in the venue that you just call them up for example if you creat a stage left pallet in the new venue just set your fixture so it is in your SL position and do this for all of your pallets then if you have some pre created cues from other productions or on the offline editor it will update them with the new positions and your rigg will fit perfectly in to any space you chose you would technicaly if you used thesame rigg all the time never need to program your cues or all your pallets except for your positions again. and then you have time to make some specific cues for your event. this is a pretty basic programming technique used on large touring shows because they never know what venue they are in next. haveing a visualiser works but you will still need to use the position pallets method because the virtual space is never really all that acurate i have a wysiwyg rigg and rarely use it for preprogramming because it is not perfect i only use it to sell a client on an idea JHirsh
  2. if you own the board and you do lots of shows what you should do is just when you are done setting your base settings save it to disk like it was a show and use it as a base settings disk this is what most rental houses do for there rental consoles JH
  3. hey two problems with that 1 i dont know how to shrink the photos 2 no clue how to edit my post thanks JH
  4. here are some pictures from a show i did called can you see me yet it was my last high school show. Its set in a insane assilylum. comments would be helpful negative and positive alike we had a few problems with the fat frog but over came them in the end to an extent here are just a few pics hope you like them we used fat frog 7 mac 250 kryptons 3 s4 19 degree 5 8" frenels
  5. JonHirsh


    no dimmers with non dim circuts are not meant for powering ml's do not do it it is not to be used for this purpose due to unexpected drops and different frequencies of power and such do not use it ever with moving lights whats better renting or making or purchsing a power drop and distribution or buying all new ML's when you have a odd power glitch that screws them up ask any manufacturer of dimmers. none of them would ever tell you you can put moving lights on them its just to risky. any way what situation should you be in to do that if you cant afford proper distribution dont bother using ML's because a small mistake can cost you dearly. Jon Hirsh
  6. Thank you that is a comprehensive response to the question now the problem in this is when you play back how do you exit it from a que stack Ie how do you bypass the JUMP to cue? Thank you Jon Hirsh ps. the frog 2 is out of the question as the gear is paid for and the dealer does not have those consoles
  7. As per a conversation with Joe from Act Lighitng, we discussed these problems. The thing i want to stress from this conversation is that i would never tell anyone not to buy this board but i would discuss the negitives with the postives. Personaly i will not use it agin unless for budget issues or it being on a rider. I think if a client choses this board over a slightly more expensive board it is your duty as a good TD to warn them of its limitations vs cost saving. Now Joe informed me that it is possible to do the fly outs i would appriciate it if you could please step by step instruct us on how to do this. and here would be the show parameters. 6 mac 250 entours auto patched starting at chanal 101. there sholud be a gobo and colour included in the description. You said it was possible please explain how you did it. thank you Jon Hirsh PS. as to being unfair to the other members who posted in the response what i have to say to that is. I was unfair to discredit there sugestions but on the flip side of the coin they as users or owners of this console should not be compermising this is an investment. to buy a bord takes hard cash and when you find problems with the product like any other good product it should be fixed. even if it takes a while, The most worrying thing i see on this Fourm is that when someone makes a sugestion about a update or a bug they say oh i think this is an simple fix well it doesnt matte eassy or hard it should all be fixed at some point not done in order of simplicity. I would just hope that the users of this console would be able to require fixes not request them.
  8. Hey well ok what a fly out is lets say you have 10 lights and every other light 1,3,5,7,9 is off and is pointing down and lights number 2,4,6,8,10 Are on and are pointing down with a movement to the up position where the shutter out. Then Lamps 1,3,5,7,9 are on and make the same movement while lamps 2,4,6,8,10 are off and move to the down position. this is repeted until stopped the effect lights flying out indefinately as for the other problems addressed saying to be creative and to just deal with it isnt a good enough answer imagine if a car would start but you couldnt turn it off, Wouldnt you be looking for a new car? and not trying to come up with ways to get around this. It seems silly for a version that has had updates to be this flawed the traning session felt like a beta test.
  9. Today i just had a traning session on a fat frog with some mac 250 Entours. And i am renting this rig for a theatrical show at the begining of may. (6 Mac 250 Entours and a fat frog) now i feel like the board is not up to snuff this is the only board in its class and i love that the affordablilty and size of the board is nice. But the flaws out way the Pros. Now this is purely my opinion but it can be changed if others can tell me if a few things are possible if they are then i would be happy with the board. 1. When doing fly outs whats the fastest way to do this unlike a hog or MA console you cannot use a pre made effects genorator so what do you do that doesnt take up space in your cue stack. and a chase does not work if you were thinking that i tried that. 2. Why is it that when in full or partial mode you cannot take down the lights when all t he faders are down except the grand master and it is a cue stack cue but the play back master is down i would think if the play back master is down play back should be off? 3. The Fkeys well not that imparitive why do they only work on the desk and not an attached keyboard. 4. why does the board not have an on off switch. How expensive could this part be? 5.How would anyone busk with this board i just dont see this being possible. Again i am going to use this board because i have to. but i have paid for the gear and i am locked in to it. so the reason i want to know all this is to convince me that i can use thhis product again. it seems to be perfect for a small corporate show or maybe a small night club its more like a conventional console with some moving light ability but help me to like the board please i need it to be my freind. Jon Hirsh www.blackhorseproductions.ca
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