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  1. I wanted to know if there was a way of making a universal palette where I can take all my favorite color, beamshape or position pallets and put them into one area so I don't have to push the color, beamshape or position button to get to them and without putting them on submasters. Peter
  2. Does anybody have a fixture file for a Martin Mania SCX700. The fixture library right now only goes up to the SCX500. Thanks, Peter
  3. I tried cleaning the floppy drive and that didn't work so I ended up taking the board apart "very carefully" and putting in a new floppy drive that I got at a local electronics store "real cheap" and that worked. The floppy drive is now fully operation again. Thanks for the help, Peter
  4. Now if I where to try a floppy drive cleaning kit once I inserted the cleaning floppy into the drive would I just select "load show" and it would clean the driver? Peter
  5. I am having a problem with the floppy drive on my Fatfrog. I loaded some personalizes from a floppy disk the other day with no problems. The next day I wanted to load some more personalizes so I reinserted the same disc and the floppy drive said there was no disk in the driver. I got a new floppy disk and try writing the show I had on the board and it said no disk. I took the new disk out and formatted it on my computer and then reinserted it and got a no disk error again. I try formatting the new disk on the board and got a formatting error. I try taken some old shows and loading them on the board and again I got a no disk error. These old shows I have loaded in the pass so I know that they work. I also try turning the board on and off a few times to see if the floppy drive would reset. At this point Im not sure what to do and I have never had a problem like this before. Thanks, Peter
  6. I have had my fatfrog freeze up to when not formatting the disk before hand and it always works after you format the disk.
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to find out if it is possible to change the speed of movement from point A to point B. I know right now if I want to set a speed I just change the speed with the wheel. Lets say I set a light to take 3sec to get from point A to point B so I program this and the light takes 3 sec. Now my question is during those 3sec is it possible to change the speed where the light starts out moving fast toward point B but ends up slowing down just before it gets to point B. I know that when you program a light it moves at a constant speed from point A to point B but I want to be able to change that speed during those 3sec. Im using a Fatfrog to do this. Thanks Peter
  8. I got it working correctly now. Thanks for the help.
  9. I couldn’t find any information on how to install the Phantom Frog software on the website. My question is after I download it and unzip it what program do I use to open it. I couldn’t get any windows to pop up that say installation procedure. I’m using Windows XP. Thanks Pete
  10. Check the DMX polarity, as the green LED can sometimes light when the DMX is inverted.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I don’t have version 10.0 on my fatfrog yet, but I will download it and try out this effect.
  12. My fatfrog board has been fixed. The Mother-board had to be replaced. All is well again! Thanks for the help everyone Pete
  13. Im going to call up Act lighting where I bought the board from and see what they say. Pete
  14. Hi My fatfrog board has a serious problem. When I first turn on the board it was working ok for the first 5 min and then both LCD screens on the board started flashing on and off randomly. Also all of the buttons on the board stopped working. This happen after I loaded a fixture file from the floppy disk that was included with the board. I have uploaded files from that floppy disk in the past with no problems but I am not sure if this problem has to do with up loading fixtures or not. I turned the board off and then on and as soon as I turn it on the LCD screens continued to flash and the board would not go though its self test run when you usually start up the board. I turned it off again and waited an hour and it still did the same thing. I turn off the board another time and unplugged all the cables and waited and hour and then plugged all cables back in and the same problem continued. It can’t be the battery because I bought the board 5 months ago and I have never had any problems with the board until now. It has version 9.8 software on it right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Pete
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