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  1. We have several Betapack 3 purchased about 5/6 years ago. One rack has suddenly stopped working on the top two chanels i.e 5&6. The circuit breakers haven't tripped, the onward connection is OK., the DMX to the rack is showing as OK. The rack is driven by a 24/48 Jester and are on desk channels 11&12. Is their some internal electronics that can cause a pair of channels to fail like this? If not what is likely to cause this problem? All fine last week but would not play this morning. We have a show in the next couple of weeks and I need to sort this ASAP and I can't afford to loose a co
  2. Whilst there is a way to live edit a scene state as per the handbook. There does not appear to be any way to live edit a submaster state. Have I missed a way of doing this or is this bid hole in the way the Jester works. When working on shows that are plotted/edited during rehearsals this a real problem. Any suggestions.
  3. What is the recommended approach to protecting the supply side feed to a betapack 3, the handbook mentions Type k MCB, does it work with the more usual type B and C? What is the position on use of RCD or RCBO, can they be used or are they not recommended for use with dimmers? Advice please.
  4. We are in the process of buying a Jester 24/48 to replace our somewhat ancient Sirius desk. To get some early hands on I have been trying the Phantom Jester and have noticed that each channel flash button has an associated LED that does not seem to be mentioned in the handbook, what is its purpose, what does it is signify? I have also noticed that if recording scenes in programme and you need to look back at an earlier scene to check a detail and then scroll back to the next free memory, in would appear that the last recorded scene i.e. memory N-1 is present in that memory with the associa
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