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  1. rscraft

    Board locked up after updating patches

    Version 6.0.0
  2. After running the board all day (patching, programming, etc), I tried to patch a few more dimmer channels, and when I exited the setup screen the board froze - no display, no keys worked, etc. Had to power off and on. It did save a debug file - attached. debug.dat
  3. Is there an updated 'supported' touch screen list for Version 6? I noticed in the release notes that additional support was added. The current list on the site lists version 5.0 - is it the same, or expanded? Specifically I'm looking for any supported 19" screens. thanx Russ
  4. rscraft

    Using Submaster to run a show

    I do several single instance concerts a year (one day to setup, no clue what the music is like and concert in the evening). I generally create several scenes to manage all the static lights and assign them to submasters, then mix them on the fly (moving heads are also pre-programmed, the touch screen makes running them real easy - good job). Anyway, the questions: 1. The sliders by default are cues, is there a way to change the default behavior to submasters? My work around is: from a new show, I manually set 30 of them to submaster and saved that as a show, so at least now I just start with the show - hopefully there is an easier way. 2. I'd also like a real easy, very quick way to switch between submaster pages. Something like assigning a submaster page to a UDK - so when I press UDK 3, it switches to submaster page 3 (I do a lot of training new lighting folks, and keeping things real simple is imperative) - having to press 4 keys - Sub {page} <number> <enter> - is too time consuming in a live show. thanx Russ btw - LOVE the Iphone/Ipad app - it makes aiming and setup much easier. I actually ran a whole concert from my IPAD - sitting in the audience, it was a lot of fun.
  5. rscraft

    keyboard issues

    If you're taking requests for feature adds to the next version of the OS, can you add command line entering via the keyboard to the list ? Being an old Unix admin, it's easier for me to type commands than try and find the button to make it work. thanx Russ
  6. rscraft

    keyboard issues

    Thanx for the Info and quick responses Jon, I can quit trying to make it work now .
  7. rscraft

    keyboard issues

    I assumed you could type any of the functions, things like: select stack n colour n record load <udk> <cue> etc. rather than pressing the function key. It sounds like the keyboard is only good for renaming objects (cue, stack, udk, etc).
  8. rscraft

    keyboard issues

    The keybaord on the ORB doesn't work - or at least the letters don't work on the command line. Both sets of numbers work, and the letters work when renaming items (macro, submaster, cue, etc) - so I know it see the keyboard. OS Version Software Version 5.4.0 Motherboard BIOS - MODBR131 Any ideas? thanx Russ

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