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  1. I want to save my current show in the board. When I chose save to floppy I get a question like "show 01..02..03..". Why do I get this question? Can I have more than one show in the board simultaneously? And if I only have one, what should I choose? Regards Roger
  2. Hi, I want to control my Fat Frog via MIDI from a soundmixer, Yamaha 01V. I want to get to the GO knob and jump one step when a the comand are receiwed, How? Regards Björn Carlsson
  3. I have some problem when I programming movingheads. I set my levels and program them into memories and then transfer them into submasters. I do the same thing with generics and others moving lights and put them on different memories and submasters. When I´m finnished with the programming an want to test it I live. I put the submaster on with the movingheads and they do what is programming, ok. But when I put the next submaster on whith generics and other moving heads and have the first on too, the first submasters moving heads go to "home". I have try to have the desk in booth partial and full mode. Is It something with tagging fixture? Help!!
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