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  1. <br /> Hi Guys I have been asked to help out on a charity event with the lighting which i havent used before. I am supplied a Dimmer pack, 3x Martin MAC 500 , FAT FROG control panel, 8 spot lights and 8 "back ground lights" (spot lights) I need those to work in "groups", be able to control the MAC 500 2 units together, and 1 unit by it self, 4 times 4 spotlight in a group (allowing me to fade as one) I have been supplied a disk that has a fixture of MAC 500 (mode 1-4) and a general conventional dimmer. I need help to set it up and cpntrol it (basic functions) I tried assigning the MAC 500 to fixture 1, 2 and 3 and then a conventional dimmer to 4. Sometimes it allows me to use the faders and control the lights BUT all at once (meaning fader 1 has an effect on all lights) and sometimes it has no function (when i reset and reassign fixtures). Can somebody guide me through what i need to do please. THanks
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