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  1. Johny5

    Update Software

    Hi When I upgrading it or After upgrading (although I get always the same error) I always can enter SETUP and reset the console. When I finish the proccess, I can add fixtures and I can schedule other things too, but when I try to load some showfile, no matter which one, or when I try read it since a pendrive, even before I have load and saved by PhantomJester, do not load and passed to PRESET. From there I leave again add fixtures and the message "Out of Memory" until I return to reset the console. If I reload the previous version, V3.0, sometimes I get errors (eg "Error 007, Bad Channel Size, Data 0 Count 068) and othertimes not, but let me load any of the showfile, add fixtures and do anything else without problems. This procedure I have repeated many times, and with version V3.3's always the same. I have seen the warning not to upgrade to this version of consoles built before the 17th week of 2008. The serial number is 0011400 0815XXXX mine, “Passed Test Apr 08”. If it was manufactured before, please you notify me, although I have worked good with later versions to V2.1. A greeting.
  2. Johny5

    ML24 Screen fault

    A greeting. I also I have the same model, a "Jester ML24" and the same thing happens to me. A few months ago it stopped working one of the screens, in my case only the rightmost. Fixed idle for a while, but the same thing happens again. The screen lights up with blue background, but are not letters or splitter bars. I adquired it in 2008 so it is no longer under warranty. It would be expensive or complicated repair? The serial number is {removed by admin} Thank you.
  3. Johny5

    Update Software

    A greeting. My case is very similar. I'm trying to upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.3 and also I get the error message "Error 006 Bad Dimensioning Data 30 Count 101" The update's done correctly, but at the end of the error. I can not charge shows and jump to "Reset Mode". I can not add fixtures, etc.. I tried resetting the lighting desk, with different USB sticks, with different shows download again the update file for version 3.3, but the same thing happens. When I install the version 3.0 does not give me any error and I can return to work right, loading different shows, adding new fixtures, etc. .. I could provide a solution to update and work correctly? Thanks Fernando
  4. Hi everyone, and sorry for my english LoL; I have a Jester ML24 desk with 2.3 version of software, and I want to update it with the latest version (3.0) I want to know, if my old saved showfiles, are completely compatibility, when the desk will be uploaded, and if all will make the same. I understand, by the release notes, that not been more older than 2.0 version, it's no problem. Isn't right? Do I have to do anything more? I mean, after upload the desk, in its configuration to all work correctly. Do I have to select DMX channels, or something about fixtures... ? Thank you very much. And sorry again, for my expression.

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