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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to put together a rack of 3 betapacks, DMX splitter and Power distro in a rack, am I right in thinking the Betapacks are 4 units high? (Just to check before I order the wrong size rack!).

    Also What spacing would you recommend between betapacks?




    Edit to add yet another question (sorry!):

    The rack will go something like:


    Rack Drawer

    DMX Splitter

    Betapack 1

    1U Vent

    Betapack 2

    1U Vent

    Betapack 3

    3U Vent - with power distro behind (At rear of rack)



    The rest of the back will then be filled with blanking vents.


    How many Rack fans would you recommend for the 3 packs?

    Are there any fans you could recommend?


    Thanks again,


  2. Hiya,

    Our church is possibly upgrading our lighting system and we're hoping to put in Rack 6's and control via chillinet wall panels and hire in a DMX desk when the event calls for it.


    How can all this be connected?

    Am I correct in thinking that we can have two chilli 10 button wall controllers into two dimmers (all daisychaned) to control all lighting from preset scenes?


    So the circuit will go like:

    Chillinet controller 1 -> Chillinet controller 2 -> Dimmer 1 -> Dimmer 2


    Is this correct?




  3. If you really wanted everything on at 80%, could you not just have a submaster with this on a page never used for anything else (e.g. page 20).


    Agreed. In our church when we hire in rigs for concerts I create a memory (#999 - its easy to get too and out the way) which will be the 'emergency scene'.

  4. Sorry it’s a long post. Hopefully this will be inspiration for those of you involved in Church lighting. Every time we have pushed the boat out a little further with out lighting ideas, and as long as we've been sensitive to following the needs of the event, we've always been allowed to do it, and had great feedback afterwards.


    Any thoughts/comments welcome.


    Looks really good! :) and really inspiring to know that church lighting is taking off!


    Our church is pretty much the same in that if theres a big event, we push the boat out a little more and as long as what we do fits the service then its cool!

    (if your interested a few pictures and details are on my website!)


    We're looking at upgrading our sound and lighting too, we've just had some more LX bars put in overstage and a new 63a power outlet installed on stage! woohoo! :)


    Was that a special lighting rig for those services?

    I would be interested to see how you light your 'normal' services if you have any pictures?



  5. I havent actually voted, because I think it should vary depending on the style of song, whats going on and the type/style of the service, who the congregation are etc.

    For example, in a youth event, at our church we will get in some intelligent lights (and a trusty Fat Frog!!) and treat it like more of a concert thing, however when its the main speech we will go to a preset.

    The lights on the congregation will remain on, but at a low level unless requested other wise.

    A normal service we will just stick with the in house rig (a load of pars) and do a basic wash over stage. The congregation lights will remain on, but at a higher level for people wanting to read etc.


    The main rule however that I use, is that the lighting is there to compliment the goings on, to build on the atmosphere and as in all ministrys, help bring people closer to God. And it shouldn't be a distraction!


    Just my £0.02!!



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