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  1. Anyone know why the floppy drive on our Fat Frog would not be working? I have asked one tech I know and he suggested bad ribbon cable, bad floppy drive, and/or bad circuit board. I replaced the drive with one that was working - no change. Attempted to try a different ribbon, but didn't have the right one. Not sure where to start or what to do in regards to the circuit board. When I say not working, what I mean is: I get a green light indicating the drive has power. I put a disk in, scroll through menu and choose format. It begins to attempt to format but never moves from "Formatting in progress 0%". Then after about 30 seconds it flashes "Error while formatting disk". I can eject the disk, put a new one in and try again and it just keeps giving me "Error while formatting disk". Again, I have tried three different working floppy drives. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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