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  1. hkerver

    iPhone remote

    Ok Peter, Thanks again. As being a newbie I guess I have to read the manual again. I haven't converted the submasters so I have to find out how to do this. Harry
  2. hkerver

    iPhone remote

    I've tried this on the live table with the latest software today. With the go/pause button I can activate the 10 submasters, but not the cue stack's. I know I must be doing something wrong, but I still can't figure out what. I hope you have some suggestions. Harry
  3. hkerver

    iPhone remote

    Thanks Peter, I'm going to try it out on the live table today. The go/pause button doesn't seem to respond in the phantom software. I'll let you know! Harry
  4. hkerver

    iPhone remote

    Using the iPhone remote with the Orb. Great app! But I can't seem to find the option to playback cue's. I could use some help here. Harry

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