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  1. Fixed! The fault was the A/D converter (on the small daughter board, the surface mount MAX165BE IC). My 'creeping fault' description I originally posted must have been this little chip's 'final moments before it bit the dust. Strangely, the fault did not appear to be anything to do with my battery replacement or the very small amount of corrosion, although a line of circuitry close to the battery does supply the analogue signal to the op-amps on the daughter board. All it was, was the A/D converter permanently pumping out ‘highs’ to the CPU for all the sliders, and disregarding it’s input which was constantly at a low level (with all the sliders down). My humble appreciation and thanks go to Ian at Central Theatre Supplies for providing the replacement board, and also Keith at Zero88 for his technical assistance on the telephone. Chris
  2. Thanks, Ian - I have emailed you.
  3. I appreciate the reply, Ian. I have been in communication with Keith this morning, and he has been immense help. (So nice to deal with a company that you can rely on to give you superb support on your product.) I am satisfied that the IPL is fine, although my research does show that it can be an issue. In past work on the desk, I removed the connectors and soldered the IPL connectors directly on to the board so that this issue wouldn't arise. I did a continuity test of this cable anyway, and it checks out fine. The desk is both Analogue and DMX, and the theatre uses both systems (hence this is a perfect desk for us). I agree with what you say - It's a superbly constructed 'Tank' of a beast. I am satisfied that both batteries are fine and operating normally. I have tracked the problem down to the slave board (the one on the left as you look in from underneath). The tracking around the battery had very minimal corrosion, and I am happy that it is all in good order (but worth a mention). I don't have a schematic, but logically tracking through the fault, I checked the 4051 analogue multiplexers that take the voltage from the sliders, and pass it in turn to the A-to-D circuitry. There is a problem here, as all the 4051's are giving 5V on their outputs, even though the input sliders are all down (i.e. zero). This is as far as I have got. Chris
  4. Hi - I am hoping that you can assist me to repair my theatre's Sirius 48 desk. I recently installed two new batteries in the desk as a 'service' measure as they had started to look a little leaky. The desk was running perfectly fine before this service measure. The batteries were replaced and the desk power up fine. Fortunately there is no damage to the boards caused by battery corrosion. Currently both batteries measure approx. 4.1V after fully charging. About two-three hours after using the desk it started behaving strangely. First of all, channel 1 intermittently flashed and then turned itself permanently on. Then channel two did the same thing . . then three . . then four etc. A kind of 'creeping' fault. Finally all of the first 12 channels got stuck permanently 'on'. Also, channels 37-48 decided to switch to permanently on also. After powering off the desk for a few hours, then on again the fault seemed to go away but slowly came back. Unfortunately, the desk now is permanently in this faulty mode with channels 1-12 and 37-48 permanently on. The Grand Master works as intended and dims the channels as normal. The A & B preset brightness controls also do the same thing. An 'IPL' check in Super user mode states that 'IPL Running'. Can you help at all, please, or point me in the right area? Although the voltage levels on the batteries seem fine, could it be the new cells causing the fault in some way? I have re-seated many of the chips and wiring loom connectors. Nothing seems to help. Any assistance you can provide would be of great help. Thank you Christian
  5. I have recently repaired a Sirius 48 and it is now in working order. The person who sold it to me had the some-what bizarre notion of removing all 120 or so of the slider knob caps. I wonder if anyone could recommend a source where I could get these at a reasonable cost, please? The slider shaft appears to be 8mm x 1.2mm. Thank you for any assistance. Chris
  6. Hi everyone I recently moved home and the local theatre here has a basic two preset bank Lighting Desk, which provides control for a number of Dimmer Packs, run on the 0-10V control voltage system. I am a relative novice to Theatre Lighting, and would like to get something a bit better than this to run shows - I am looking at maybe the purchase of a second hand Sirius 24 or 48. I wondered what other people's recommendations were or were there any other alternatives? The Dimmer packs and lighting we have are fine and unlikely to be changed, but I'd like to incorporate a programmable controller or desk. We will need a minimum of 24 control lines. Everything seems to be DMX nowadays . . . Thank you Chris

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