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  1. Pat, Thanks again for posting the Q-spot Profile. It works on my Orb. I'd like to try the Advanced personality sometime so if I add that to the profile I'll post it. (but don't hold your breath, having a working fixture moves profile editing down on the priority list.) Thanks again, Bob
  2. Hi Pat, I just got four Q-spot 560s and I need the profile. I downloaded the one you attached to your message and I'll let you know how it works on the Orb. Thanks, Bob
  3. RiversideS


    Jon, I'm not sure who I spoke to, my excuse is I was under a lot of stress at the time. ----Bob
  4. RiversideS


    MY Orb is crashing at random times. The monitors go black with the “no signal” box in the center of the screen. Then the usual power up sequence starts with splash screens and list of technical details. Then I’m back in my show just where it was when the crash happened. Sometimes it runs two boot-up cycles back to back. That is just when the technical details list appears the monitors go black etc. I’m running Rev.7.1 software (for about 6 months) The desk is about three years old. It’s connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Tonight is opening night. Any suggestions on fixing this problem? March 2, Chapter 2 The happy ending. After a phone (SKYPE) conversation with the UK, I took the board to the dealer 30 miles away. A look inside found a loose fan connector. They replaced the bakup battery even though the old was still testing ok. Went home and reinstalled...Two shows later no problems. PS Tech support told me the symptom I was seeing shouldn't be called a crash because a debug file message was not shown on start-up.
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