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    Lighting, bluejacking, hanging with mates, nething fun! lol, erm, errr, yeah that its for now
  1. thank you all! most of the info you gave me has really helped, thanks! im glad i finally get what all the Function buttons do! hehe if i have any other questions i will certainly come here to ask all you frog geniuses!! 8) thank you, djkev
  2. Hi all, I have: - 2 fat frogs - 4 betapack 2's - 4 martin 518's - 4 madscans - very full rig of parcans and fresnels - custom made DMX splitter - DMX smoke machine/fogger - miles of DMX cables and convertors to go from anything to anything DMX My idea/problem: I would like to link the 2 fat frogs together if this is at all possible!? I set up my dimmers, DMX channels 1 to 24, then I set up the martins on DMX 210, 220, 230, 240, the madscans on 110, 120, 130, 140, and the DMX smoke on 24 (as this was blank/empty on the dimmers) Then i ran all this via the DMX splitter. The DMX splitter then runs to the 1 fat frog desk we currently have connected. Trouble is, i want to link 2 fat frogs as I have alot of complicated chases AND programs running all at once, PLUS I have the 8 fixtures which, 4 are being used as spot lights, and the other 4 as effects, i need access to everything and having 2 people on the desk may get confusing, so i thought why not 2 fat frogs, i have 2 to hand. So I connect up a second, the main, in universe A, then i linked to the other via a double ended DMX 5 pin male and connected into universe B, and guess what, the second desk did nothing, no dmx control at all, the first still works. I then tried switching all the universes etc. nothing. So in the end i gave up, and i disconnect my fixtures from the splitter, and linked them and ran a long DMX back to the second desk. So i had individual control of fixtures, and dimmers, and the programs i had, simple, I basically used to floppy disc to transfer them, then, i made a GO button that went to each desk, so 1 go button does 2 desks. So i ask you, can i connect 2 fat frogs? OR will I have to continue on with my bodge? I have another question or 2 also btw: Can someone explain universe A and B? Theres no difference is there? why do you need 2 universes??? and.. What do each of the F1, F2, F3, and F4 buttons do!?!?!?! and.. why is the scroll lock light on my keyboard turned on sometimes? thanks! Notes: - the desk is 40 metres from the splitter and dimmers and 20 metres from the fixtures THANKS ALL
  3. because the fixture, a martin 518, doesnt need to be on during that scene
  4. There has to be a quick way to access palettes! The reason I need to be able to do this is because of the following: - One of my techies, programmed a show, with only 70 cues, BUT, he programmed 4 Martin 518's and 4 Madscans (411) into the memorys without using palettes, and now, a major spotlight has now moved. I am slowly going though each memory repositioning the fixtures but this time adding them as palette references. Trouble is I am having to run each memory, then Press F1+Position, then the flash button, then press F1 to cancel the palettes lock, then press Minus to go up to then press program and enter, to overight the memorys. There must be a faster way? Another issue I have: - When editing memorys, with fixtures programmed in with them, I can't take the brightness down on my desk, how do I get around this!? :?: Thanks all, I am quite a good user with Fat Frog but, as you can see, I am not familiar with some things, thanks
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