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  1. Hi all I use a Mambo Frog for the first time. I'm preparing for a theater project. It will be a stage play with different stages. Normaly there is always some thing happening on every stage but the main stage changes from scene to scene. Right now I'm not yet sure what concept I shall use: - The Playback X of the memory, the submasters or the SX-buttons. - Full mode vs. partial mode - Tracking yes / no Does anybody have a hint? Thanks alot! I appreciate this forum! Urs
  2. Hi all I'm new here :-) I learning to use a Mambo Frog for a theater project. Trying out all functions I think there is an issue playing back a serie of memories. I didn't succeed in finding an related thread in that forum. 1. I store different scenes in a set of memories. 2. Playback using the GO-button seems to be ok. 3. Editing a single memory or simply pressing HOME für a fixture causes a wring output of several memories. 4. Using GO most of the memories show the wrong (example HOME) output. The values are still correctly stored in the memory. I see that, when I press EDIT. For me that means that I cannot use the Playback X functionality. Any hints? - Thanks! Regards Urs
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