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  1. Yes that seems to be the problem. Think all is sorted now. Many Thanks for your help. Daniel Sheehan 0700 349 1756 daniel@mtechtheatre.co.uk
  2. Hi, Sorry to pester but I am not able to get onto any menu that has the option 'reset. I'm just scrolling through number 1-24 which I presume is a patch menu. How do I get a to a main menu or the menu where reset will be found? Cheers Daniel 0700 349 7156 daniel@mtechtheatre.co.uk
  3. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me in how to reset my Zero88 Demux 24 to default. I have read the small section of the manual and made several attempts to do so however I cannot seem to get to the menu that I am looking for to complete the instructions just going through a constantly repeating set of numbers which I presume from the numbers is a patch function. Is there a simple way to either return to the main menu or to perform a factory reset? Thanks in advance, Daniel Sheehan 0700 349 7156 daniel@mtechtheatre.co.uk
  4. Thanks Peter... I think I was confusing 'Frog' logic onto the Jester which I have noticed over the past few days is much more different than I had perviously noticed having only used the console for small events. Daniel
  5. Hi, I am currently working with a Jester 12/24 on a production and after reading the Jester manual have determined that it is possible to control multiple DMX channels via. 1 Channel Fader on the desk. Firstly is this a correct theory? Secondly if this is possible could anyone tell me how to add another DMX Address to a channel in Super User? I am able to patch 1:1 but it feels like I have tried every button in attempts to add a second!! Many Thanks in advanced Daniel
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