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  1. Thanks Graham, Yes, we had been considering the Chilli dimmers and are in conversation with an installer who is quoting us at present. My only reservation is that having wall panels controlling the dimmer directly may be a bit limiting, and if we have a frog screen attached to a frog box, would the status of the wall panels be reflected back on the frog screen? These and other issues we are exploring at present.
  2. I'll keep this brief as its a bit outside of the scope of the forum but: (The Church is a typical Cross-shaped Church of England Church, accomodating about 380 seated in main nave, side aisles and transepts). 2 permanent Da-lite screens either side, front projected by 2 EIKI 1500 ANSI lumens projectors (old and not bright enough!). The central rear projection screen you can see was with an NEC projector (2000 lumens I think, which we just get away with). This is temporarily rigged for services that require it - it get use at least once a month now. We have a PC with dual head graphics
  3. I tried to post images in a post, but using the syntax recommended, e.g: didn't work. I used URLs instead. See... http://support.zero88.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6103#6103 Any ideas?
  4. Here's some pictures of some of the lighting we've achieved at our Church for the major services at Christmas and Easter last year. Contemporary Christmas Carol Service 2004 Front view of the stage with the band in action singing a carol. http://tinypic.com/1nxl5g Another view with the service title on the central projection screen http://tinypic.com/1nxlp3 The band in profile http://tinypic.com/1nxlyv A distant view of the proceedings – yes those are real candle chandeliers suspended. http://tinypic.com/1nxpc1 A monologue explaining the three wisemen. The “practical†star wa
  5. You mention Hillsong Sydney. There are some great pics of it at: ftp://ftp.acousticdimensions.com/Hillsongphotos/ (Acoustic Dimensions are a US based consultancy practice who did the acoustic & sound system design). There is also Hillsong which meets at the Dominion Theatre in the West end: http://www.hillsong.co.uk
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