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  1. In fact quite the opposite! A 128MB Stick never seems to be registered by the desk when a 1GB stick is registered almost instantly! Ive tried formatting all of the sticks in different ways and they all work with an computer, so its a strange one!
  2. It is a new desk and I think it is the MK2 hardware version it has. I have tried a few memory sticks in it and some will come up with save options instantly, and other sticks never seem to do it at all! So im guessing it is the memory stick itself that is the problem. Does the memory devise have to be formatted in a certain way? Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I am new to using the Jester and I have a question. When I insert my memory stick into the USB socket, and go into superuser - Load/Save show - Save/Load/Erase Show, I get up a screen saying: Save/Load/Erase Show - Working. That screen stays up for along time and nothing seems to happen. Is it usual for this screen to stay up for so long? Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Tom.
  4. Thats fine, I shall do that... Thanks for your help.
  5. I Dont im sorry! I dont have much office equipment! Any other ways??
  6. Hi There, I have recently bought some Beta Pack 3's (2 of them) and i would like to register them, the only problem is, I dont have a fax machine and I don't know anyone who has! Is there an online way of registering the products? I have the serial numbers etc, but cant fax them. Thanks, Tom.
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