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  1. A little update... The desk is set to partial, and color, beamshape and position is set to channel. I am able to program individual parameters (color, gobo1, tilt etc) when programming palettes and submaster, but not when I'm programming memories. All this worked fine in version 10 of the desk operating system. When I'm trying to program memories, I'm only able to tag/untag entire fixtures, but nothing else. Is this a bug, or is there additional settings somewhere on the desk?
  2. Yes, the desk is in partial mode, with color/beamshape/position set to channel is I remember correctly. Also, I'm able to tag/untag entire fixtures, but not individual parameters or attributes. Will take a new look at the desk later today, and experiment a little...
  3. Just updated my fatfrog from version 10 to 10.4, and have a little question: Is it no longer possible to program memories (chases/scenes) down to different parameters (gobo, goborotation, prism etc)? It works just like it's supposed to when programming palettes and submasters, but not when I'm trying to program memories (can't even tag/untag params). Is this a change/bug, or am I just doing something wrong?
  4. This is easy, just connect your frog to the dimmer, make sure that the dimmer starts at channel 1, and turn the desk on. Unless someone has patched the desk, it should now work the way you wanted.
  5. Is it possible to control the fixtures using the audio input signal, combined with the frogbutton (and also within the range defined by the frogscreen)?
  6. Don't know if this has been suggested before, and don't think it exist's as a current feature, so here it is: What about having a way to select one, or more sources, say generic and fixtures when programming memories and/or submasters? It would really make life easier for folks like me, who work in a (small) pub, where most of the bands doesn't bring their own lighting tech, the stagelighting is required in order to work on stage before a show, time is scarse before the concert starts, and where in 90% of the cases, nobody have a clue as to what they sounds like. If I could choose
  7. 10 minutes before the show started, and on the 20th (or so) attempt, the desk came back on, and worked flawless during the show. I tried to restart it afterwards, just to see if it was working again....which it wasn't. The monitor displays the normal data, the desk tries to find an upgrade disk, and if found, it reads and verifies the data on it. After that is done, the desk just freezes, and nothing more happens. Basically I haven't got a clue as to what happened, I wasn't saving/updating/running anything, the desk was just switched off as usual, and didn't come back on. According
  8. The power was cut, i tried to restart by plugging in again, but now the desk freeze during boot, all the lights are lit on the desk, and it doesn't accept update disks. What do i do....? PS, I've got about 1,5 hours until the show starts....
  9. Its really that simple......great! Thanks very much!!
  10. I can't understand the manual, so i'm wondering if anyone could walk me through how to program a chase on a fatfrog....
  11. What is the default lock code on the fatfrog?
  12. Is it possible to assign the colour channel to a submaster channel?
  13. Is it possible to set one specific control and assign it to a fader, for example to have movement on a fixture using the wheels, but at the same time having dimmer and colour controls using the faders for channels 1-2 on a fat frog?
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