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  1. Apologies, you're completely correct - I was on my mobile and didn't notice that minor (!) detail. As usual, ignore me and read what Edward says
  2. For screws: ORB: https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/c1fe1a80-25f9-4155-9d01-31c241a10ac8/orb-access-diagram.pdf ORB XF: https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/f6bb58da-c63a-41dd-b467-efb049a85503/orb-xf-access-diagram.pdf (These are both available from the ORB Product Page: https://zero88.com/control/orb) Once you're inside, you should easily see the CR2032 battery on the main processor board (the board screwed to the bottom of the console)
  3. There’s no current date yet, no. We’re in the middle of testing it currently
  4. There’s no plan to stop this topic, we’ll just keep updating it by adding new ideas and removing the ideas we implement - like we’ve already done when we released ZerOS 7.11:
  5. Deep Red = "Deep Re" Red Orange = "Red Orn" Light Green = "LightGr" Mint Green = "Mint Gr" Green Cyan = "Grn Cya" Royal Blue = "RoyalBl" Deep Blue = "DeepBlu" Congo Blue = "CongoBl"
  6. Thanks Kevin - sounds like a very typical setup for ZerOS users so it's great to hear the new features are being used and appear to be appreciated!
  7. How are you finding the updated filter data and the updated colour algorithms when using a mixed rig of LEDs and “real” gels?
  8. Hopefully they are, they’d love to hear this!
  9. Also worth noting that Philips Hue will only be available on FLX S, FLX and ZerOS Server. It will not be available on Solution Series, ORB Series, SCD Server Pro or Leapfrog 48 & 96. KiNet and Vision.Net will be available across all platforms.
  10. It’s not “slow”, but you just can’t guarantee a simultaneous fade on DMX luminaires and Hue luminaires will be perfectly in sync. We’re still working on tidying it up, so performance might improve.
  11. You connect and “pair” to a Hue Bridge, and then all connected luminaires are automatically patched (just like RigSync). Once complete, you control the fixtures like any other fixtures. However, it’s worth noting that you don’t see the same speed and responsiveness that you do with DMX based luminaires.
  12. I’m allowed to have a few secrets Vision.Net is the natural progression from our previous iCAN architectural integration - with the benefit that you don’t need additional hardware (so it works on all ZerOS consoles). We’ve had multiple requests from customers and team (especially those across the pond) for this integration. KiNet opens a few new doors, especially for ZerOS Server. Philips Hue is just fun
  13. I mean, the rules are very lax, so sure - why not!
  14. ZerOS 7.11 has been released which fulfils "Colour mixing with mutli-emiter LEDs (eg, Amber, UV, Lime, Cyan etc)" - so I've removed this option from the poll. At the time, it was at 8.83% with 25 votes, making it the highest voted feature.
  15. Edward was referring to the 3rd option in the poll - "Discrete timings on FLX (apply specific timings to specific parameters)" - so if this is a feature that you'd like to see, vote for that one Yes, they run as two completely independent cues, just at the same time rather than after each other. It's the equivalent of "Part Cues" on other consoles (when I use them, I have my first cue as Cue X, and then use point cues for the Auto-With cues, so Cue X.1, Cue X.2 etc). Just make sure you don't tag the same parameters in both cues (and definitely don't use snapshot!).
  16. (As a side note: you can already achieve this with two seperate cues, by setting the second cue to go "Auto With" the first cue).
  17. Thanks for your comments! We really do value them. Can you detail how you'd want this to work? Intensities are a single parameter either fading "up" and "down", but colour can be multiple parameters that are just "changing". Similar for gobos, positions, etc. If you could go into some detail of what you would like the end result to be, that would be really helpful. We're hoping to have some news about a fixture builder later in the year. We discuss this every-so-often, and it's certainly not impossible... but we don't have a roadmap for this yet, and I don't foresee it coming soon (and I say this as a Mac user... so I'm invested in this idea!!!).
  18. Jon Hole


    (@Edward Z88 got there first!)
  19. Jon Hole


    Hi Simon, I think the end result will be what you want, but not by the method you expect. When RigSync discovers and patches a fixture, the link between the console and that fixture is the RDM UID, not the DMX address. Therefore, if someone messes up all the DMX addresses and then you load your older showfile in, RigSync will make sure that your showfile works by: Repatching your showfile to match the new addresses Readdressing any fixtures where this isn’t possible (eg overlaps) Also, remember about the “Revert Rig” option. When RigSync discovers your fixtures, it will store the values of those fixtures into the showfile before then making any required changes. So… if your rig is “correct” at the point of RigSync discovery, RigSync will store these settings and patch your fixtures, but not make any changes. If someone messes up all the DMX addresses, you then have the option to load that showfile in and click “Revert Rig” (note – when loading in your showfile, RigSync might automatically make lots of changes to make the rig work, so if you want it back to how it was before, you’ll need to click “Revert Rig” and then reload your showfile)
  20. ...because Tracking isn't complicated enough
  21. Done I didn't even know this was an option! "Regulars" now have access to this.
  22. I think your general concept is correct - if you start at Cue 1, and program sequentially into a single Cue List - never making any mistakes, updates or inserts - and so long as you always use the programmer (not other Playbacks / UDKs) then the tracking options shouldn’t affect what you see on stage. (however, they might affect the data recorded into your cue, which might affect the behaviour / output if you go back and make edits)
  23. Hi Sven, Yes, hold SETUP and tap the button of an empty Playback. You'll see an option to set that Playback fader to a Grand Master.
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