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    Adding Moving heads

    Hi Jim, In Setup, click the Patch Wizard. This gives you a step-by-step method of patching fixtures which takes you through adding the DMX address and assigning them a fixture number (the number you type into the desk to control that fixture) etc. Hopefully this will be an easier method to patch. If you have any more questions please get back in touch!
  2. Jon Hole


    Hi Steven, We do not discuss hidden features such as this, sorry.
  3. Jon Hole

    itf is odd!

    The ORB allows you to choose which method (CMY or RGB) you wish to work in. This is most useful when working with RGB and CMY fixtures together, as you can just mix using one colour space and the desk will automatically convert that information for alternative fixtures. To change from CMY to RGB, hold down SETUP and press the COLOUR attribute button. This will bring up a window with three buttons. Click 'Colour Edit Mode' and choose if you want to work with CMY or RGB on the wheels. Hope this helps,
  4. Jon Hole

    Leap Frog DMX out

    Hi Youri, What Dimmers do you have? What version of software are you running? (the latest is Version 5.4 - you can see this information in SETUP > Files > Desk Information)
  5. Jon Hole

    DMX Patching

    Hi Barney, There is no way to do this. Imagine DMX addresses as the address on a letter you are being sent. If my address was exactly the same as your address, how would the postman know where to deliver the letter? In the same way, DMX addresses have to be unique - it is the only method the desk has to be able to send data to the fixtures separately. If both fixtures have the same DMX address, they both receive the same information, and hence will both do the same thing. Why do you not want to change the DMX address of one of the fixtures?
  6. Jon Hole

    Sirius screen

    There is no Monitor output on the Sirius
  7. Jon Hole


    We do not publicise how to access hidden features such as this, sorry.
  8. Jon Hole


    There is no way to disable this, no.
  9. Jon Hole

    Assigning Fixtures in different modes, Fat Frog

    JAdamson has suggested exactly what I would do. If you have further problems, feel free to email me your fixture profiles that you made and we'll have a look at them.
  10. Jon Hole

    Replacement Fader

    Hi Harry, We have these faders in stock, and they list at £2.70 each. To purchase one of these, please contact our customer services. If I can be of further help, please let me know
  11. Jon Hole

    Problem with recording ArchiLed

    Hi Connect2ccc, Which fixture do you have?
  12. Jon Hole

    Using chases on Submasters on Fat Frog

    Hi Steve, What you have described should work fine. Partial Mode just means that instead of recording EVERYTHING, you can just record particular attributes. This then allows you to mix and match submasters - ie having a colour chase on one, figure of 8 on another, and gobo effect on another. Hope this clears things up a bit.
  13. Jon Hole

    Connect to video in

    Hi Briarwoodlight, A VGA Scan Converter will do this for you, but they can be expensive. Unless there is a particular reason you need to go through the LCD TV it might be cheaper to buy a 15" monitor.
  14. We are pleased to announce a new training schedule at our Zero 88 facility in Cwmbran, South Wales. These training events are open to anyone who has recently purchased or is considering purchasing one of the consoles, or anyone looking to extend their range of console knowledge. Each day runs from 10am until around 3pm to 4pm with lunch included. Places must be booked in advance. As usual, all courses are free of charge and include lunch. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Candidates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Leap Frog training is on the 2nd Thursday of each month. More info: http://www.zero88.com/en/news/347 ORB and ORB XF training is on the 4th Thursday of each month. More info: http://www.zero88.com/en/news/348 On-site training can also be arranged at customers’ venue for a small charge. Please contact Jon Hole on +44 (0)7734 736690 or by email jon.hole@cooperindustries.com for further information on these courses and all our training options.
  15. Jon Hole

    Problem with memory playback

    If you email Keith, he will email you the instructions to do this.
  16. Jon Hole

    Flash button LED

    Hi ALG, The LED signifies different things in different modes. For example, when editing - a flashing LED tells you that channel is at a figure that does not match the fader. In Run, the LED tells you there is something programmed on the associated submaster fader. On a Jester, in Program mode, when you scroll up and down the cue list the desk outputs each cue in turn. When you then go to an programmed cue, it continuous to output the previously selected cue. I hope this helps
  17. Hi Ryan, Sorry I have been unable to answer sooner than this. To record steps, make sure you are in program mode (if you are in Preset press and hold the mode button, if you are in Run just press it once). Then select where you would like to record, using the up and down buttons to select a memory, or a flash button to select a submaster. Press record. To make a chase, record over the top of the Submaster or Memory and the desk will ask you if you would like to overwrite, cancel or Make Chase. Click Make Chase, and every time to record over the top of it, the desk will automatically record it as the next step. The midi input is for Midi Notes or Midi Show Control. There are a lot of devices that can then control the desk using this, including several software packages. For a sound to light function there is a separate audio input (with a Jack connector).
  18. Jon Hole

    Copying Chases from Subs to Memories

    Hi John, It's not possible to copy a cue directly from a Sub to a Memory on the Leap Frog. You would need to copy the steps individually accross. I hope this helps
  19. Jon Hole

    Jester ML24 Right hand thumbwheel intermittant??

    Hi Tom, From what you say it sounds like the wheels PCB isn't sat correctly and has come loose, causing the intermittent problem you describe. This should be a simple fix, and your dealer should be your first 'port of call'. Give them a call, and they should be able to solve the problem under warranty. Hope this helps.
  20. Jon Hole

    Desk doesn't recognise my fixture

    Hi Brad, There are fixture tools available to create your own profiles, downloadable via this link: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/521 And a user guide for this available here: http://support.zero88.com/main/en/download/520 Hope this helps!
  21. Jon Hole

    Locking options

    Hi Erik, This is certainly something we are looking at, and is on the list of things to do - which we are currently prioritising! Hope this is useful!
  22. Jon Hole


    Hi Dani, I'm at PLASA this week, but if you can email me on the address in my signature I will sort this out when I get back! Many Thanks
  23. Jon Hole

    I lost my "Smart Tag"

    Smart Tag is only available when in Tracking Mode. When in None-Tracking Mode you will not see the Smart Tag button. However, I am not sure why a couple of your faders would not be working. Try doing a full reset - go to Setup, Clear Options, then hold down SHIFT whilst pressing Reset Desk.
  24. Jon Hole

    submasters wont record

    Are you clearing your programmer after saving the submaster? If the LED on the 'clear' button is lit, it means that you have data in your programmer, which will overrule everything else, such as submasters. I would guess the problem is that you pulled all the faders down to '0', hence putting their value as '0' in the programmer. If this is the case, press 'clear', the LED will go out, and your submaster should work as expected.
  25. Jon Hole

    iphone remote

    Hi Adam, If you could list all the settings on the 'remote' tab on the Leap Frog, such as IP address etc we can hopefully answer your question, however here are a couple quick possibilities: The first three 'points' of the IP address have to be the same on the iPhone and the Desk (ie 192.168.1.x for example). Also, make sure 'x' is different on the iPhone, the router and the desk. Are you using a 'crossover' or 'straight' ethernet cable? Are you running the latest software version of ZerOS on the desk? You should be running 5.4 which is available here.

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