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  1. Jon Hole

    Common Fixture Manager not saving ?

    Hi John, We're aware of this problem, and looking into it. Until then, please continue using the previous version of Software. I have updated the website so the Fat Frog, Bull Frog, Mambo Frog, Leapfrog and Illusion point to version 2.1 of the software so you can download it again if you need.
  2. Jon Hole

    Several problems on live playback

    I did, I will reply to the email tomorrow. Thanks a lot Torsten,
  3. I've listed this as ZerOS 3201, and we'll discuss the possibility of putting this into a future update.
  4. Jon Hole

    big long generic fade

    Looks like you're going to have to turn Tracking back on, doesn't it James You are right, as long as the lanterns from the previous cue aren't involved in the next cue, they won't get affected, and will continue with their fade, even if you GO with the next cue.
  5. Jon Hole

    Chromlech Jarag fixture profil

    Hi Kresten, I have just made the fixture personality for you - please find it attached. I hope this helps. Jarag.ift
  6. Jon Hole

    Showtec Indigo 4500 Fixture fix

    Hi, We provide the tools to make these on our website. Click here to download the Fixture Tools (direct .exe) Click here to download the User Guide (direct .pdf) If you need further help making these, please get in touch!
  7. Jon Hole

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    Thanks for this report - we are looking into this and let you know.
  8. Jon Hole

    Fire Alarm Input

    Hi Kev, At the moment, when the alarm is activated, the chilli's take all channels to 80%. If you want to replay a scene memory, you need a 'Chilli Net Bridge'. This connects between the Chilli and the Fire Alarm, so you connect the fire alarm to the Chilli Net Bridge, and then the Net Bridge of the Chilli itself. The part number for this is 01-210-00. Hope this helps,
  9. Jon Hole


    Yes, a snapshot is effectively a block cue. You can also turn off move in dark per cue, by going into the comments section of that cue, clicking 'Macros...' and selecting / deselecting Don't move Colour / Beamshape / Position.
  10. Jon Hole

    How to save the fade time

    Hi Dan, Are you pressing 'EDIT' before changing the time, and then pressing 'EDIT' again after to confirm this? Once you have recorded a cue, you have to be in 'EDIT' to make any changes, including the fade times. It is possible to change the fade time before recording a cue or submaster too. Cheers
  11. Jon Hole


    I'll look into this for you. Is everything else saving, such as cues, palettes etc? Are you running in tracking or none tracking mode? In none tracking mode, the desk won't record a fixtures parameters if the intensity is at 0. This is to allow the desk to 'move in dark'. Try ensuring the desk is in tracking mode, and then taking a snapshot of the outputs. This records EVERYTHING, whether you have changed it's setting or not. The syntax for this is SHIFT + RECORD. I hope this helps,
  12. Jon Hole

    Isolution 200SR-HID

    Can you either attach your personality file, or email it to me on the address in my signature, and I will have a look at why it's not working for you. Many Thanks
  13. Jon Hole

    Remote/monitor - windows 7 - Bugs/suggestions

    Hi lxkev. We've noticed this too - we've listed it as issue ZOS-3192. We'll look into this - I'm not exactly sure what magic Windows is doing 'behind the scenes' in compatability mode, however I'm sure our software guys do! The monitor is limited to 1024 by 768 due to the output of the VGA on the desks themselves. We are wary of the remote being used to playback cues. For example, if your wireless network drops out you then have no control of your show. The ability is there to use 'panel' view with the cursor. This has been requested by another user on the forum, and is listed as issue ZOS-3187 'Command Line via Keyboard'. Could you send us a screenshot of this? For me, it's displayed as a useable size. I hope this all helps - thanks for your feedback.
  14. Jon Hole

    Step Based Effects

    Hi Gareth, You would have to do this as a chase, which you could then link into your master cue stack. Changing 'direction' to 'random' might help create the flickering effect.
  15. Jon Hole

    Chilli RS232 Node

    Hi Florian, As long as the two dimmers are connected using ChilliNet, you only have to plug the rs232 node into one of the dimmers. I hope this helps,
  16. Jon Hole

    Updated touch screen list for Version 6

    Thanks for making me aware of this! I have updated the original list on the forum, which can be found here: http://support.zero88.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3913
  17. Jon Hole

    LeapFrog (48) ZerOS 6 and View/Desktop

    In a future update, we are looking at adding a 'screen' option into the Leap Frog 48 & 96, which would then allow you to move windows across the multiple desktops. This is detailed as issue ZOS-3197.
  18. Jon Hole

    Using Submaster to run a show

    Hi Russ, No, at the moment there is no way to make all the Playbacks into Submasters by default. This is something we have built into the ORB XF that is released later this month. We've set up Macros to do this before, and then saved the Macro onto a UDK. Be aware that Macros record the actual key presses - for example the Macro would record that you pressed the third syntax key, not the {page} syntax key.
  19. Jon Hole

    LeapFrog (48) ZerOS 6 and View/Desktop

    Hi Carl, At the moment the Leap Frog 48 & 96 are limited to the one desktop and view. You can record macros of different screen layouts (by recording you opening the windows), which is the best work around at the moment. This is something we are looking into expanding.
  20. Jon Hole

    Desk Crashed!

    Thanks Eric, I have passed this on to be looked at. Please let us know if you have any further problems. Jon
  21. Jon Hole

    ZerOS Software Version 6.0.0 Released

    I've added this as issue ZOS-3196 - we'll discuss the idea for a future update :-)
  22. Jon Hole

    Version 6 - LeapFrog48

    We will be looking at doing this in a future update, but I've added it as ZOS-3195 - thanks!
  23. Jon Hole

    Gaining control when switching submaster banks

    Hi Rookie, This is the normal behaviour of the Jester 12/24 - when you change pages any active submasters continue to stay on the pages they were at until they are no longer active (@ 0) and then switch to the new page you have selected.
  24. Jon Hole

    Version 6 - LeapFrog48

    I've logged this as issue ZOS-3191 and we'll look into why it's no longer working. This is an ORB and Frog 2 feature, that we are looking at adding to the Leap Frog 48 & 96 in the future. For now, however, you can only view Desktop 1. Unfortunately this is a bug that slipped through the net. It's already listed as issue ZOS-3190.
  25. Jon Hole

    android tablets

    We're looking into it :-)

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