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  1. Jon Hole

    Smart tag

    If you take the intensity to 0% there could be, but if you leave it at full you should be fine.
  2. Jon Hole

    USB Problem Solution/LeapFrog48 with SW 7.9.3

    Hi Mathias, I'm a little late to jump in here, but please could you let me know the make and model of EVERYTHING plugged into your console on USB, including the memory stick? Jon
  3. Jon Hole

    **Urgent help required**

    From memory, there were some small conducive "bits" inside the console which were shorting the tracks on the PCB - a quick blast of air sorted the problem.
  4. Jon Hole

    Smart tag

    Yes, that's correct. The rules are along the lines of "snapshot" (record absolutely everything) except for: Ignore fixtures at 0% Ignore parameters which are the same as the previous cue (or default if you're recording the first cue) This is helpful, as it avoids any "blocked" values being recorded (in tracking mode, blocked values are values which are recorded even though they are identical as the previous cue, and so don't need to be stored again).
  5. Jon Hole

    Preset Faders as Haze/House Light control

    It was introduced with FLX two years ago, and then transitioned over to the rest of the ZerOS range last year. Ultimately, you can probably trace it back to my next door neighbor who convinced me to purchase a Mac all the way back in 2005!!
  6. Jon Hole

    So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    We have now started testing through Apple's TestFlight. If you'd like to be part of this, please email me with an email address that's accessible on the iPhone which your Apple Watch is paired to.
  7. What would a ZerOS Smart Watch do? What would be it's purpose? Here's my idea for a focus tool. The channel in the middle (15) is the currently selected fixture. Next and Previous buttons allow you to select different fixtures. The digital crown on the side allows you to adjust the intensity in steps of 5%. RD = RemDim, HL = Highlight.
  8. Jon Hole

    Fixture Library (filtered)

    Version 35


    This download is for legacy Zero 88 consoles. For desks running ZerOS software (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX, FLX S, Frog 2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96) please download the full library. This release contains 7013 fixtures from 305 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library please click here. Please visit this page for full information: http://support.zero88.com/975203021/
  9. Jon Hole

    Fixture Library (full)

    Version 35


    This download is for desks running ZerOS software (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX, FLX S, Frog 2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96). For legacy Zero 88 consoles, please download the filtered library. This release contains 7013 fixtures from 305 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library please click here. Around 500 fixtures now include full "RigSync" support. For a list of fixtures which are fully supported by RigSync, please click here. Please visit this page for full information: http://support.zero88.com/975202681/
  10. Jon Hole

    Fixture Tools

    Version 2.6


    Fixture Tools is used to create custom fixture files for all desk types. This tool is suitable for creating fixture types for the ZerOS consoles (FLX, FLX S series, FROG2, Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, ORB, ORB XF, Solution, Solution XL), original Frog series (Fat Frog, Leap Frog, Bull Frog, Mambo Frog, Frog Box), Jester ML series (Jester ML, Jester ML24, Jester ML48, Jester TLXtra), Illusion 500, Sirius 250, Sirius 500 and Diablo consoles. For more information, and instructions, click here.
  11. We just tried this again on a lower-powered machine, and were able to recreate. Logged as ZOS-8548.
  12. Hi Edi, I've just tested this, and it is working fine for me. What Operating System are you running? Please could you save the showfile and email it over to me? Thanks Jon
  13. Jon Hole

    Theater cues crossfades

    Hi Emmanuel, As Kevin says, record all your cues onto a single Playback. Press the Play/Pause icon top left and you'll see those cues. You can select any of the cells and adjust the cue's fade time using the encoder wheel. This allows you just to press the GO button, and get smooth, recreatable fades. However, if you want to do this manually, just hold SETUP, press the GO button, and then change "Fader Function" to "Manual Fade (2 ways)". I've just tested this and it behaves how you want. I believe the issue Kevin's describing is that if you switch back to HTP Master, you'll need to release the playback first (Kevin, is that correct?). To release the Playback (release="turn off"), hold down the CLEAR button, and press the GO button.
  14. Jon Hole

    Preset Faders as Haze/House Light control

    Hi, the Preset Master Faders are still used, but only when the console isn't in "Wide Mode". It's not possible to change their functionality. There's no "exclusive" option for Playbacks on the Leapfrog 48s, but you can use the "Inhibit" function. Record the Haze machine at full output onto a Playback, go to the Playback settings and enable "Inhibit". This allows you to record the Haze machine at full into all your cues, but have a dedicated "Master" for the Haze machine... which would give you a similar result as you're looking for, just in a different way. Jon
  15. Jon Hole

    **Urgent help required**

    Rob, we've left you a voice message - hopefully we can get someone onsite tomorrow to investigate what's up, and if needs-be carry out a repair
  16. Jon Hole

    FLX and FLX-S => FX-Edit

    There are no plans to currently.
  17. Jon Hole

    Fixture Tools

    Although we're in a Fixture Tools thread, are you talking about Phantom ZerOS?
  18. Jon Hole

    Playing two ques at once

    As Edward says, so long as you're in Tracking mode, this should happen automatically as ZerOS executes "Move Fades" - ie, the only parameters that "move" (change) are the parameters that are recorded within that cue - so as long as those parameters aren't included within future cues, they'll be left alone doing whatever they were doing before - in your case, a 20 minutes fade. (Don't get confused with the word "move" - this is nothing to do with moving lights, and just describing that a "parameter" (could be intensity, colour, beam, position etc) is moving from one value to another). Therefore, if you're finding that in your next cue the fixture is snapping, you're either (a) not in tracking mode, or (b) have programmed that moving light into the following cues. You can use the "Remove" function within the Record Window to solve this - go into the "following cue", clear the programmer, select the moving light, press HOME (this is just a quick way of "tagging" all the parameters of that fixture), and then press RECORD {REMOVE} CUE x ENTER. Alternatively, as mentioned by Pete, you could store this on an additional Playback and either run it manually, or trigger it via a macro.
  19. Hi Peter, In the Output Window, intensities shown in red are from the "Programmer". The easiest way to think of this, is it's where information goes before you record it somewhere. So if you push faders 1 - 6 up to 100%, this information goes into the "programmer". You may choose to then record this (so the information is transferred from the "programmer" to where you record it), or you may choose to clear the programmer, by pressing CLEAR twice (first press clears the selection, second press clears the programmer). If you pull those six faders back down to 0%, this new information goes into the programmer. The important thing to remember about the programmer is that the programmer always wins. So often, you may push up faders, record to a cue, pull down the faders, and then try and play back that cue. But pulling down the faders has added lots of 0%'s into the programmer, and the programmer always wins, so it appears like the cue hasn't worked. Press clear twice, clear the programmer, and now the cue works. Another thing to bare in mind if you're coming from a Frog console - don't lower the Playback Fader when recording cues. If you're recording cues into a Playback (the Master Playback for example), just keep the fader at full (100%). You may find out YouTube training videos helpful.
  20. Jon Hole

    Mixing colors playback

    Hi, Hold SETUP and press the Playback's button. In this window, under "Fader Controls..." you can choose "Colour". Now, as you fade up the Blue fader, instead of snapping from Red to Blue, or fading over a pre-defined length of time, it now fades from Red to Blue with the fader - if you stop moving the fader, the colour fade stops. If you want "colour mixing" on the faders (so when Red and Blue are up together you get Magenta), you can use this tool with a few other tricks to achieve that. Follow the instructions here: http://support.zero88.com/1014413041 However, I would generally suggest there are better ways of controlling colour in a live situation. Make sure you're familiar with "Programmer Time" which is a fantastic tool for live busking of colour (and any other parameters).
  21. Jon Hole

    Zeros Phantom

    Hi Nico, There isn't a Mac version of Phantom ZerOS, no. Unofficially (and completely at your own risk) I have in the past had success using "WineBottler" to run Phantom ZerOS on my Mac. However, I haven't tried recently, and there's been a lot of changes to both ZerOS and macOS since I last tried, so I don't know how successfully, if at all, it would work.
  22. (I opened this thread before you replied Kevin, but didn't actually get around to replying until after you commented, so hadn't seen what you had said!)
  23. Hi Carpo, Please can you let us know exactly which fixture you are using? Many thanks, Jon
  24. Jon Hole

    How to setup "Home" for different types of fixtures

    This is really easy - as long as you're in Tracking Mode, and haven't got "Smart Tag" or "Snap Shot" enabled, you just set the channel to the level you want, RECORD HOME {Max Value} and only that channel will be updated - all the other channels will be left as they were. This is what I meant when I said "based upon usual recording rules of tagging, snapshot etc"
  25. That's correct - any fixture could be placed anywhere without the fixture number changing, which could become very very confusing.

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