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  1. Jon Hole

    touch screen problem

    Hi yann, when you see the blue square, so you see text in the middle of the screen that says “Calibration not working? Press ‘Update’ and try again.” If so, have you tried doing that? Jon
  2. Jon Hole

    Android App Update BUG

    Hi Steve, On this thread, martin-144 had success with the new Beta app. If you read through the thread, we detail how to sign up for it. Please give it a go, and let us know how you get on.
  3. Jon Hole

    LF48 No Worky

    Hi leejlight, Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports of Leap Frog 48? For example, a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, usb memory stick etc? Try unplugging all USB devices (in fact, maybe unplug everything apart from power and VGA!) and see if the message continues to display.
  4. Jon Hole

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Martin, ZerOS Monitor acts as a wireless monitor for any ZerOS console - therefor to add this feature, we would need to add it into ZerOS, not into the app. Out of interest, do you need to see the cue list just to see which cue you're currently in, or more than that? I'm just wondering if it would be better to add the cue list intoZerOS Remote, rather than controls to ZerOS Monitor? Jon
  5. Jon Hole

    Starting Cues with Crossfades / hopping between cues

    Correct - if you choose to use the fader to manually crossfade, rather than the GO button and the programmed times, the GO button stops working. You can select the "Next" cue (Yellow line) using a mouse or touchscreen, and then the fader will fade to that cue
  6. Jon Hole

    FROG2 broke help me please !!!

    Hi Daneil, Probably best that you email these symtoms to Keith, our Service Manager, who can go through and diagnose where the problem is. You can email him on KeithRogers@Eaton.com or call +44(0)1633 833101
  7. Jon Hole

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    The continuation of this thread has been split into the FLX forum:
  8. Jon Hole

    Brand new FLX - questions

    Done 🙂
  9. Jon Hole

    FROG2 broke help me please !!!

    Hi Daneil, Please can you give us some more information about what is wrong? What’s not working?
  10. Jon Hole

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Look under “Get beta versions of apps” of this page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7003180?hl=en-GB
  11. Jon Hole

    Remote Android App not connecting

    On Google Play there’s a Beta app available which is a complete rewrite of the backend - maybe worth giving it a try first before we investigate further?
  12. Jon Hole

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Martin, on Google Play you can sign up for a “beta” version of both apps - do they work? Jon
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  14. Jon Hole

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Thank you! FLX has 5 USB ports, and ZerOS Wings can be plugged directly into any of these. If you want to plug multiple ZerOS Wings into a single USB port (either to use 6 ZerOS Wings, or because you're using the USB ports for other things) these must go through a USB hub, which must be powered (ZerOS Wings are powered via USB, not via an external power supply). A USB keyboard can plug straight into the console, using the same rules as above. Currently FLX only supports QWERTY keyboards. We've had requests to add support for AZERTY, and I've added your request to our log (reference "ZOS-1955"). There are FLX training videos available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXZ_FRh4YdsV_xWV1WlKzgwcTt5h5KNsA Thanks - we could definitely look at supporting you in this. Once you've got your FLX and become familiar with it we can discuss further! No problem - keep them coming!
  15. Jon Hole

    Start chase with master playback

    Hi Lex, On the Master Playback, record your base cues like normal. Then: On the cue you want the chase to start click "Settings" > "Macros" > "Trigger Cue Stacks" and select the Playback. On the cue you want the chase to finish click "Settings" > "Macros" > "Release Cue Stacks" and select the Playback The chase will fade in with the UP time of the first cue, and the chase will fade out with the DOWN time of the second cue.
  16. Jon Hole

    LP 96 playback not work correctly

    Hi francocampo, If this happens again, please save a copy of the showfile and email it to us (even if you've already got a copy of the showfile, please save a specific version AFTER you see the problem but BEFORE you restart the console).
  17. Jon Hole

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    You can create groups that do this. You can also "Create Auto Groups" which will automatically create some groups. You'll get an "All", "Odds", "Evens", "First Half" and "Second Half" group for each type of fixture you have patched. Exactly, yes. When set to "Channels", each fader controls the intensity of the fixture assigned to the respective channel number. You can choose the Channel Number in the "Add Fixtures" screen, or change it in the "Fixture Schedule" screen - both of these are within SETUP. The Channel Number is also the number you use when controlling fixtures using syntax. So if a Moving Light is Channel 20, you could turn it on either by raising Fader 20 to the top, or by typing "20 @ 100 ENTER" (or the shortcut "20 @@") Each set of 24 faders can be set as "Channels" or "Playbacks" at any time - this doesn't affect the "Master Playback" Yes, you can add up to 6 ZerOS Wings (via a powered USB hub) giving you 168 faders. Yes - it's probably best to discuss with our French distributor who they've sold FLX to No, whatever order you wish. That's absolutely fine. FLX, as standard, has 4 Universes. That's 2048 DMX channels. There are no other limitations within that. You can also upgrade FLX up to 8 Universes (up to 4096 channels). ALL of these universes can be output on Art-Net or sACN. Two of those Universes can be output directly on DMX (that might be Universes 1 & 2, or it might be Universes 2 & 4, or it might be that you set them both to Universe 1).
  18. Jon Hole

    LP 96 playback not work correctly

    This suggests the cue on the Playback was still fading - did you have a very long fade time which made it look like the Position and Beamshape were not working, but actually they were just fading very slowly?
  19. Jon Hole

    Button Wing for FLX S?

    Hi Eric, No, there are currently no plans to create a button wing for FLX S, and the Enttec shortcut wings aren't currently supported. Remember you can use Palettes together with Programme Time for live control, which can reduce your dependency on Playbacks and UDKs. Jon
  20. Jon Hole

    Point cue numbering / display

    Hi Martin, The way ZerOS displays Point Cues is relatively standard across the industry. Point Cues are primarily designed as a method of adding in “extra” cues, and so usually a single decimal place is ample. Jon
  21. Jon Hole

    Groups/Palettes - UI enhancement requests

    Exactly 🙂
  22. Jon Hole

    Groups/Palettes - UI enhancement requests

    Added your comments to ZOS-6935 which is similar Added as ZOS-8669 Added an additional request for this on ZOS-5058
  23. Jon Hole

    Point cue numbering / display

    Don't see the numbers after the decimal place as starting to count again, see the whole number as a decimal - just like how a Calcualtor or Excel would see it. 1.1 = 1.10 = 1.100000000000000
  24. Jon Hole

    Copy Fixtures

    However, if you mean add multiple DMX addresses to a single Channel so multiple fixtures are controlled from a single channel and "copy each other" - to do this, go into SETUP > Fixture Schedule, select the DMX Address of the fixture you wish to add a second address for, tap the address, type in the new address and click "Add as additional address".
  25. Jon Hole

    DMX patching not saving.

    Error 003 suggests the battery is still not happy. Try reseating the battery, or trying a different one. After doing this, ensure you do a reset of the console. More info here: http://support.zero88.com/975061181

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