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  1. This is such a brilliant use of the image picker - I love it!!!
  2. A slight technical issue - apologies! The silent version was online for approx 45 minutes - so well spotted!
  3. Thank you 🙂 glad you like them! We're deliberately aiming for "neutral" - explaining jargon rather than teaching a particular console. That said... we're working towards an online manual & updated knowledgebase, which these will hopefully be included in.
  4. Introducing our video series demystifying common lighting jargon. One a day throughout advent.
  5. On page 15 of the manual, it also states: As Edward says, we've updated the manual to put this in a nice big red box, on both Page 15 and Page 82. We haven't released this version of the manual yet, but it'll be included within the next public revision. Before / after:
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