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  1. Jon Hole

    Forum 'Favicon'

    We’re hoping to have news about our whole website in a few months time - work in progress - I’ll make sure this is included!
  2. Jon Hole

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    I hope it didn't spoil your Christmas too much! That's a relatively regular occurrence! Thinking hats are on for next December 🙂 (although we've got April Fools day to think of first!).
  3. Jon Hole

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    We've been up to something else on Facebook and Twitter this year - take a look!
  4. Jon Hole

    IOS app doesn't work

    Hi ikopesorda, The latest apps need ZerOS 7.9.4 or later to run successfully. I've updated the Promotional Text on the App Store to reflect this more clearly. Apple allow you to reload an old version of an App by using iTunes. Please take a look at this link. Around half way down, there's a heading "What if the new version of the app is compatible with your device but, you still want to use the older version?" - hopefully this will be what you need. https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-re-install-older-version-of-apps-on-iphone-ipad/
  5. Jon Hole

    Orb Back Up Battery Replacement

    Hi Herman, The battery is located on the main circuit board, inside the console and attached to the bottom panel. When you replace the battery, please be aware you will once again see the same warning the first time you turn on the console - don't worry about that. If you'd like a diagram of which screws to remove to get inside the console, please email our Service Manager, Keith, who can send this through to you - KeithRogers@Eaton.com
  6. Jon Hole

    UK Training 2019

    More dates. More locations. Still free. Sign up now - zero88.com/training
  7. Jon Hole

    Apple Watch and locked Phone

    Unfortunately this is one of the reasons we were so delayed in releasing the Apple Watch app - we had to completely redesign how the app worked when Apple made the change Edward explains. As long as the console, phone and watch are on the same wireless network, they don't have to be near each other - so you can keep your phone in your bag / hidden away if you're going up a ladder / into the roof (and the "hide UI" button will ensure no buttons are accidentally pressed whilst it's there).
  8. Jon Hole

    Cyber Monday offer

    50% off all online Universe Upgrades for 24 hours only! zero88.com/software/zeros/upgrade
  9. Jon Hole

    Firmware update

    Hi jb07, Make sure you're following the instructions on the Release Notes. What you have described is not how you do a software update. You need to turn the console on without the USB stick, then plug it in, and go to SETUP > Load Jon
  10. Jon Hole

    Updated ZerOS Apps released

    Zero 88 are pleased to announce updates to the ZerOS Apps ("ZerOS Remote" and "ZerOS Monitor"). These are now live on Apple's App Store for iOS devices, and will go live tomorrow on Google Play for Android devices. Apps can be downloaded from: "ZerOS Remote": iOS / Android "ZerOS Monitor": iOS / Android These updates include: Major improvements in stability and performance Apple Watch functionality ("ZerOS Remote" for iOS only) Improved display scaling Improved multitouch support for Colour Picker, Image Picker and Pan/Tilt Grid Various other minor updates Updated T&C (viewable by opening the app and clicking "About") More information can be found at zero88.com/software/zeros If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Our contact details are: email: support@zero88.com phone: 01633 838088 Best Regards,
  11. Jon Hole

    How to update from ZerOS 7.8.0

    Now you're there, future updates should be much easier just be "loading" new the software into ZerOS 👍
  12. Jon Hole

    Firmware update

    Email sent
  13. Jon Hole

    Few questions on FLX

    Hi Martin, ZerOS max resolution is currently 1920x1080
  14. Jon Hole

    upgrading from ZeroOs

    Hi Harry, There's a list of significant changes available here: http://support.zero88.com/988876801 There's also a PDF download at the bottom, which might be worth printing and keeping with the console. Jon
  15. Hi Matthew, There are two key "angles" for why ZerOS consoles should be connected to a dedicated LAN: Guaranteeing "show critical" data: Ethernet based DMX protocols (Art-Net, sACN) have very little security or error correction which means we can't guarantee the smooth running of your show if another device chooses to join the network and output conflicting packets. Cybersecurity: In the background, ZerOS is running a distribution of Linux. This has not been developed to guarantee the relevant Cybersecurity requirements to sit on an internet connected network. For example, two years from now, we can't guarantee you're console is running software with the latest patches to be secure. Eaton take Cybersecurity very seriously - you can read more about this here: eaton.com/fr/en-gb/company/news-insights/cybersecurity All the best, Jon

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