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  1. Please do, would be great to see you again!
  2. Just to 100% clarify the situation... To reduce waste, environmental impact and cost, we don't ship a UK, Schuko and US cable in every box. However, we also don't stock separate consoles with separate cables - as that would be frustrating if you were a UK customer, but we only had stock of the European variant. Therefore, we ship "packages" which include a "base model" console (without a cable) and the relevant cable. This is where the confusion is. This is the code you ordered. When you order this code, you received a "package" of a FLX S24 (0020-000018-00) and a 13a UK to IEC cable (CC0010311) This is the code of the console itself (not including the cable). The confusion here is that the first four digits were missing from the code: 0001-000018-00 is Chilli Pro 12 - 10A MCBs: With Bypass 0020-000018-00 is FLX S24 1U (base model, without cable) Writing it out like this makes it sound unnecessarily confusing - but we've done this for many years, it works really well, and very rarely causes an issue.
  3. Hi @Afx, Just to confirm exactly what's happened, the lighting divisions of Eaton (5500 people in total, including the Zero 88 & iLight team) were "spun out" to create a separate standalone company called "Cooper Lighting Solutions" (CLS). Although we've reinstated the "Cooper" name of old, the newly created company is a very different company than before - focused purely on lighting. Signify purchased CLS from Eaton, but Signify and CLS are run independently. For Zero 88 & iLight, apart from swapping the Eaton branding to CLS branding, and replacing the blue with some brighter colours, nothing else has changed - it's the same team, in the same locations, doing the same jobs! Hope this clears things up, Jon
  4. As venues close and events are cancelled across the world, we want to help in whatever small way we can. We’d like to offer you a 20-minute free session, 1-on-1, with one of our technical support team. We’ll phone you at a time and on a number that’s convenient to you. We can help in any way you wish, but here are a few ideas: Set you up with a free visualiser, allowing you to perfect your programming skills Teach you how to create fixture personalities to use in the future Guiding you through updating the software on your Zero 88 equipment Discussing what products might be most suitable for you in the future Click here to choose your free appointment: https://appoint.ly/s/zero88/chat
  5. Less than half a year later, it's time for another website rebrand! We've rebranded zero88.com to celebrate the completion of becoming part of ‘Cooper Lighting Solutions’. Full info here: zero88.com/news/zero-88-launch-rebranded-website We've also completed porting all of our legacy information over to the new website - the full history of 48 years can be found through the links at the bottom of the /control, /data and /power pages.
  6. We want our forums to be as welcoming and user-friendly as possible to new users, so today we rolled out some changes. Our specific focus was to ensure a question can only live in one place. Previously, if I was operating Phantom ZerOS, running as FLX, and didn't know how to control strobe - I and to decided between "ZerOS Apps & Phantom ZerOS", "ZerOS", "FLX" and "Fixture Library". Now there's a single, clear location. Here's a full list of the changes: Some forums have been renamed "Dimmers" is now "Power" "Network & Data Distribution" is now "Data" "Operator Database" has been combined into "General Discussion" New "Legacy products" category combines all legacy forums in one place Legacy sub-forums have been combined to create a single forum per product Jester Range Frog Range MK1 Illusion Range Some forums have been closed. Posts will slowly be moved to an alternative, relevant forum. ZerOS ZerOS Apps Fixture Library & Editor
  7. Thanks Terry, let us know what the desk says it's running, even if that's different to what you think it should be running!
  8. Hi Terry, Sorry to hear that. When you turn the console back on, are you offered a debug file? If so, did you save it? Please can you confirm which version of both Software and Co-Processor the console is reporting? To find these, got to (Z) > "System information" and read "Co-Processor Firmware" and "Software Version".
  9. Kevin's option works if you want to use a custom fixture on a new showfile, but not if you want to use them in a showfile you've already created. If you haven't kept the original files, there's no way to do that unfortunately.
  10. Not going to happen! We need to keep an ounce of credibility...!
  11. Phantom ZerOS and Capture talk using CITP. When using a real console (or Phantom with an unlock dongle), this is “normal” CITP. When using Phantom without the unlock dongle, only Capture software can decipher the CITP messages.
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