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  1. Jon Hole


    Yes you can - in the same way you’d type “RECORD x GO” or “DELETE x GO”, with x being the cue number and GO being the button of the Playback, you do the same for COPY. So press COPY, type the source (“from”) cue number, and press the playback button, and then type the destination (“to”) cue number, and press the playback button. You can also copy whole Playbacks in just three button presses (COPY GO GO - with the first GO being the source and the second being the destination). Lots of people (including me) use this as a method of creating a “backup” of the stack before doing something which might not work (for example, during Edinburgh Fringe this year, we used Phantom to turn an ETC EOS showfile with approx 80 cues into a ZerOS showfile with over 200 cues by copying, updating, inserting etc, so at regular intervals I copied the Master Playback to other empty playbacks. Also worth remembering you can use THRU and AND when copying cues. You only need to define a single cue in the destination - any point cues or numerical gaps etc will automatically be included in the new destination cues
  2. Ah yes, I should have mentioned that too - thanks Kevin!
  3. Don’t try turning the encoders, click and then use a straight line motion to move them (remember the middle of the encoder is a separate button, so click around it). It’s something we’d like to improve in the future. The Colour Palettes are referencing, so if you record “blank” palettes (I’d suggest pressing “home” first, so RGBL are all “tagged” and hence recorded into the palette) you can record your cues with references to the palettes, and then just update the palettes when you’re in the venue (presumably you’d have to do this anyway, blind programming colour, even with the best visualisers, is near impossible to get right first time). (Another option, depending on the theatre, is to program in 5ch mode, and when you’re in the venue change the mode using RDM. You can then use the “revert rig” feature to put it all back at the end of the run)
  4. Is there a reason you need the fixture in 6ch I-RGBL-S mode rather than the default 5ch I-RGB-S mode? This will allow you to use the colour picker, Mood Boards, etc
  5. Hi, The default mode for these units is “5 channel” mode. This allows the console to send the fixture RGB values, and for the fixture to decide how best to create that colour using the LED chips available to it. According to their manufacture, this is the recommended way of using their fixtures (which is why it’s set as default). Direct mode allows you to access each chip individually - and on FLX we let you do that via the encoder wheels. There are plenty of downsides to doing this - you don’t get to use all the clever calibration built into the fixture itself, you don’t get to use the FLX colour and image picker, and this mode uses a larger number of DMX channels than the 5 channel RGB mode.
  6. MA3 software hasn’t been released yet, it’s still in “preview” form.
  7. Just to add to this, they’ve only just finalised confirming the GDTF format so we haven’t been able to develop this until recently. Currently I don’t believe there are any console manufacture supporting it, but we are committed to doing so and have started work
  8. Hi, Assuming that Playback 1 is empty, and the moving light is Channel 1: Push up Fader 1 to turn the intensity of the moving light to 100% Change the colour and move the position Press RECORD and then press the MASTER GO button (this records Cue 1 onto the Master Playback) Pull down Fader 1 to turn the intensity of the moving light to 0% Press RECORD and then press the MASTER GO button (this records Cue 2 onto the Master Playback) Push up Fader 1 to turn the intensity of the moving light to 100% Change the colour and move the position. Press RECORD and then press the MASTER GO button (this records Cue 3 onto the Maser Playback). Now ensure the programmer is empty (CLEAR CLEAR), and Playback the cues using the GO button. Once in Cue 2, after a few settings, you should see the moving light automatically move, so when you press GO to go into Cue 3, the Position and Colour are already correct
  9. I guess a way of thinking about this is “simple” (touch) and “advanced” (syntax) options. Using Syntax, the Record Window gets given clues as to what you’re going to do (by typing COLOUR 1) before you do it (by pressing ENTER). This allows the record window to apply filters it believes to be suitable, and allows you to overrule them. Using touch, everything happens in one go - there’s no opportunity for the user to overrule the standard filters. It’s much more common that a user wishes to just record Colour, even though multiple parameters are tagged (or Smart Tag is enabled), so this feels like the best way, currently, of dealing with the situation.
  10. Jon Hole

    Phantom ZerOS

    You can download Phantom ZerOS from the same place as the console version. Click “Download” and then choose the Phantom version from the files available
  11. We do not publicise how to access hidden features such as this, sorry.
  12. Bonjour, À l’heure actuelle, le FLX S permet uniquement d’appliquer un effet à l’ensemble du projecteur, et non à des cellules individuelles. Hello, The FLX S currently only allows an effect to be applied to the whole fixture, not individual cells.
  13. Thanks Jolyon, please email all that information, including the attachment, to the team so they can create it for you.
  14. If you email us, as per the above instructions, we can get it made for you
  15. Completely agree, which is why we're trying to bring it all together onto the new website. This will happen in phases, but the end goal is a single website, with a single search function. However, the website is also a marketing tool - so current product will always take "pride of place" and have all the pictures etc! Legacy products will then be listed as-per the screenshot above. Glad you think we're going in the right direction! Many of the images are currently "full res" rather than "web quality", so once we change those that should help. Some pages which are picture heavy will have some elements that won't be displayed on the mobile version, which will hopefully also help.
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