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  1. Although I don't have a timeline yet (multicell is highest priority), we had a meeting about this feature the week before last.
  2. You'll see selected fixtures AND any fixtures with information in the programmer... so if you select Fixture 1, change it's colour, deselect Fixture 1, you'll still see the fixture's details in the Output Window because the colour infromation is in the programmer. However, when you then Record that to a cue, the information is transfered from the Programmer to the Cue, so you'd no longer see that fixture (this is assuming "Smart Tag" isn't enabled. If it is enabled, you'd need to clear the programmer). External Monitor and Z Monitor should show you the same thing. Not quite, t
  3. Hello, please could you send us some photos / screenshots of what you're seeing please? Bonjour, pourriez-vous nous envoyer des photos / captures d'écran de ce que vous voyez s'il vous plaît ?
  4. Hi Eric, There are a couple of bugs we know about that affect some users (for example, showfile compatibility when loading files from a specific version of ZerOS)... we've fixed these and uploaded them to this page under "public beta" - https://zero88.com/zeros#download - we're not shouting about this download, as it only fixes a couple of specific issues, so we point customers towards it when we know it will fix their issue. These fixes will get rolled into the next bigger release of ZerOS. Talking of which... there will be the first Beta of ZerOS 7.10 in the next week or so, that b
  5. Jon Hole


    Hi delfine, I've asked some questions here:
  6. Hi delfine, What version of software are you running? Please can you upload a version of your showfile? Thanks, Jon
  7. I'd suspect you'll see more sucsess with the smaller USB stick... 16GB USB sticks weren't even drempt of when Jester was developed!
  8. Hi Uriahdemon, Can you not "scroll" (press and swipe left) the tab buttons to see the rest of the P/T Grid? After that tab should be an "Effects" tab which will provide you with the parameters that you're looking for. Jon
  9. Hi Light.UP, Do you have a much smaller, simpler USB stick? e.g: an old 1GB one that you get for free?
  10. Jon Hole

    Mac OS

    Hi Kasper, As mentioned above, Phantom ZerOS is Windows only, there isn’t a macOS variant. There are some Mac apps that allow you to run .exe files on macOS - it might be worth having a look at these - but we couldn’t confirm how well that works.
  11. Hi Light.UP, Which format did you format the USB drive into? Have you tried other USB drives? Please can you use a different USB stick to perform a software update from V3.2 to V4.1? Then perform the USB Host update, as described above (remember to press SHIFT!). Then try loading the showfiles. Jon
  12. Jon Hole


    Hi delfine, what format is your SSD currently in? We often see this if a drive has been formatted for macOS.
  13. A special update from David, our General Manager: The show does indeed go on... A year ago, back in early March 2020 when we were acquired by Signify, no one could have envisaged the year that would follow. That said, the Zero 88 business survived, even prospered, through all that a global pandemic could throw at us. It reminds us that the one thing we can always count on is the continual cycle of challenge, change and renewal that affects us all. From May 2021 onwards, Zero 88 will take its place alongside Vari-Lite and Strand to deliver a
  14. Zero 88 are delighted to announce the latest addition to their award-winning control range. ‘ZerOS Wing SD’ expands the upgrade options available to all users of ZerOS Consoles. Featuring quick setup, scratch-resistant construction and quiet, fanless operation, ‘ZerOS Wing SD’ plugs into any ZerOS Console to enforce social distancing between operators. “COVID required us to think outside the box” explains Jon Hole (Global Product Manager, Systems and Control). “It turns out the solution was a box. A 2m wide box.” ‘ZerOS Wing SD’ is specifically designed to sit next to FLX consol
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