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  1. Jon Hole

    Flx Back button

    Hi, The “Pause” button is also the back button - press it twice to go back a cue (and then one more time for each additional cue you want to go back). In “Cue Settings” oh can set trigger to “Auto with” or “Auto after”. Choosing either of these options displays a wait time. Hope this helps, Jon
  2. Jon Hole

    Overall master fader

    Split conversation - other posts can be found here:
  3. Jon Hole

    Trigger Cues Externally

    There's no API for the app - behind the scenes, our apps work more like a "Remote Monitor" - with the console doing all the processing, and the app purely displaying what the console defines and sending touch X/Y coordinates back to the console. We're investigating various options, including MIDI over USB & Ethernet, OSC, Art-Net triggers etc - but none of them are currently timetabled (and, therefor, not guaranteed).
  4. Jon Hole

    Trigger Cues Externally

    Hi Chaz, Currently there's no way to trigger the console other than via the console itself, or via one of our Apps. The full size FLX includes MIDI Show Control, MIDI Timecode and Close Contact support. Jon
  5. Dear All, Zero 88 Fixture Library version 36 has now been released. For full information, please visit: http://zero88.com/software/library This release contains 8457 fixtures from 325 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library please click here. The library is released in 2 formats: Full version for desks running ZerOS software (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX Series, FROG2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96). Filtered version for other Zero 88 desks. This removes data that is not used by these other desks, so that the file is smaller. When using a floppy disk (original Frog series, Illusion 500) it is recommended that the floppy disk be freshly formatted before using it. Download & Installation The correct format of the library for your desk can be downloaded by clicking the product name below. The library (.ift file) should be placed in the root directory of the floppy disk or USB stick. ZerOS desks (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX and Leap Frog 48 & 96) To load this file into your console extract it to the root of a USB stick and plug into your console. Then tap SETUP, tap "Load File", then select the GFT.ift file. FROG2 To load this file into your console extract it to the root of a USB stick and plug into your console. Then tap SETUP, tap "Load File", then select the GFT.ift file. JesterML & JesterTL The fixture library is installed on the desk at manufacture, however this can be updated from USB if required in Setup -> Update Fixture Lib -> Update Library. Frog Series and Illusion 500 Use 'Common Fixture Manager' (included in the Fixture Tools download) to select the fixtures you wish to use, and save this as a file to a floppy disk. Diablo The fixture library is used with the Diablo Fixture Manager PC software. Sirius 250/500 Use the Fixture Type Editor to import fixture types from the fixture library, and then use the ‘Export Sirius UFT’ function (under the ‘File’ menu) to generate data in the correct format for the Sirius 250/500. Further details of assigning fixtures on the desk to fixture types in the fixture library can be found in each desk’s operating manual. Additional Fixtures If you need a fixture type which is not in the library, please read the following thread:
  6. Jon Hole

    FLX approach to concert lighting requirements (#1)

    It's available on the flash button only, without transition times, and not latching - so you probably don't want to be holding the button for too long!!!
  7. Jon Hole

    FLX approach to concert lighting requirements (#1)

    The options Edward gives are good. Another option could be to use the "Solo" function. Create one playback to do your "flashing sequence", and a second playback to do your "freeze". Set the flash button of this second playback to "solo". This will only work if you're flashing sequence is flashing randomly and quite fast - meaning you won't notice the "snap" to another playback, it will just look like part of the flashing sequence.
  8. Jon Hole

    FLX for hire (in the UK)

    Thanks - we've added you to the list 👍
  9. Jon Hole

    FLX S for hire (in the UK)

    Do you have FLX S too, or just FLX?
  10. Jon Hole

    Should FLX have subforums? (How Do I, Bugs & Errors)

    But... but... we both know people won't stick to the rules! 😭😠
  11. Jon Hole

    Forum (2017) - link to www.zero88.com

    I never really understood the point of those, but if you must continue your secretive detective habits, you can access them here and here! It was a direct link... are you on a corporate network? It might be blocked. I've embedded the image for future perusers (is that a word?) to enjoy 🙂
  12. Jon Hole

    Output from PhantomZerOS

    Hi James, There's no way to use Phantom ZerOS to control a physical fixture without the Unlock Dongle, but you can use our free Capture "presentation files" to play around with Phantom ZerOS within a visualisation package. There's more information here: http://support.zero88.com/988883201 Jon
  13. Jon Hole

    USB Show Save/Load Issue

    Hi sabah69, Strange. What make, model and size of USB stick are you using? Try doing a Factory Restore, save the empty showfile to the USB stick, unplug the USB stick, plug it back in, and then try loading that "empty" showfile back into the console. Now try loading something else. Does that work?
  14. Jon Hole

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    It's quite normal for us to have a "factory only" build of software for a brand new console which doesn't need to get uploaded online.

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