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  1. Just so you know, it’s a hardware limitation that makes this feature unavailable, so we could never introduce this as a software update. However, there are potentially other options - such as maybe introducing a “startup state”. Almost none of the listed features have been fully scooped or spec’d, so at this stage it’s hard to say. However, if we’re doing this, it would cover all the new features. Whether it was a full builder within ZerOS, or a simple builder within ZerOS and a full builder somewhere else, is up for discussion.
  2. A good question. All these features would need scoping and specifying. With MIDI, I suspect the main uses would be for MIDI TimeCode (Cue X starts timecode, Cue Y stops timecode) and MIDI Show Control (Cue X automatically sends out a GO CUE X MSC message, Cue Y automatically sends out a GO CUE Y MSC message, etc). Whether we also need to allow completely customisable MIDI Messages to be transmitted needs investigating.
  3. I did think about doing this, and internally we have a "Resource vs Value" spreadsheet that tracks some of these issues... but I fell back to the "KISS principle" to make it simple to understand and vote. But it's a completely valid point. This is a great suggestion which we forgot to add. I've added it to the list (you can edit your vote, but it involves reselecting the items you selected last time) FYI - FLX (full size) has the hardware ability to generate and output MIDI. The "Thru/Out" port has a software switch to switch it between "Thru" and "Out". Currently, ZerOS doesn'
  4. We’d like a single location to discuss new feature requests - so we’ve created this topic, along with this poll. Vote for which features you’d like next within ZerOS, and add your comments, ideas and suggestions in the comments. Any new suggestions, we’ll add as options within the poll. Remember – this is all about priorities… voting for everything is equal to voting for nothing. I suggest you vote for around 5 - 8 items in total… but it’s up to you. We've enabled "make voter names public" to allow the Zero 88 team to vote on their personal preferences, whilst retaining full transpar
  5. Hi Kevin, These changes were completed back in November 2020, so any changes to our business in 2021 is completely irrelevant. Absolutely no data was lost, just moved. That update, which was principally initiated by myself – no one else, was directly as a result of having such poor feedback to our previous knowledgebase… which we’ve spoken about previously. (It’s worth noting that the knowledgebase was only live for a little over three years. The forum contains much more information, spanning multiple decades, than the knowledgebase ever did). So… I think this is less about us “
  6. Hi Derek, Please remember you're talking about unfinished, unreleased beta software in our public forums. More than happy to continue this conversation in the beta forums, but not publicly. As you're fully aware, we currently take the position of not talking about our product roadmap. We've done this precisely because of not wanting to let users down - and have been very open and honest about how that has happened in the past . A few weeks ago, in response to another thread which you were part of, I asked "I'd be interested to be pointed towards other industry players who are w
  7. Jon Hole


    Sorry Simon, that was a typo by me. I meant "Next / Previous is holding SHIFT whilst pressing the left / right arrow keys"... I've edited my origional post to avoid any future confusion!
  8. Nah, Mandy in marketing has been with Zero 88 longer than Edward and me put together! She's now part of a team that covers Zero 88, Strand, Vari-Lite and Color Kinetics... but none of the other Signify brands.
  9. Jon Hole


    You could use Macros to achieve this via ZerOS Remote app. Add "RemDim" as a UDK, and then record a Macro of you recording that ("RECORD MACRO 2 ENTER {Commands}" - then press the UDK - then press MACRO to stop recording the Macro). (Because you select "Commands" rather than "Keys", you can delete RemDim from the UDK after recording the Macro and the Macro will continue to work). Next / Previous is holding SHIFT whilst pressing the left / right arrow keys. Again, you could record Macros of this, so you then have a screen on ZerOS Remote which looks like this:
  10. Hi hafashah, You can now record (& update, delete, etc) home / default / max levels just like any other cue, by setting up the default, pressing RECORD and then pressing HOME. Note that all the setting in the Record Window apply, such as Tagging, Smart Tag, Snapshot, Selected Fixtures, etc.
  11. I've asked MarCom to add a link to the Manuals page onto the Support page... ...and also add a link to the A-Z (for legacy manuals) onto the Manuals page. This should hopefully be live tomorrow. haha, not at all! Keep the feedback coming... (not that I need to say that )
  12. Let's not do that... we had so many complaints about the old knowledgebase... the search would ignore any words of three characters or less, so no results for "FLX" "FLX S" FLX S24" or "ORB"! If an article related to multiple products, it would pick one "randomly" to show in the breadcrumb list which created much confusion - you click FLX > Spare Fader and the breadcumb list would show ORB > Spare Fader
  13. What converter are you using? Does it look like this: http://www.arvydas.co.uk/2013/07/cheap-usb-midi-cable-some-self-assembly-may-be-required/
  14. Indeed! Solution has seen a lot of changes in the last few years which has given it a new lease of life, but the time has come. (Software updates will, of course, remain available to Solution users for the foreseeable future).
  15. Edward and I felt the forum was in need of an autumn-clean (similar to a spring clean... we'll let you decide if we're 6 months late or 6 months early!). Changes we've made: Replies are now allowed on topics within “News & Announcements”. "Solution & Solution XL" has been moved to “Legacy Products”. “Legacy Products” has been moved up to "Product Support", so it's easier to find. Descriptions of the "Data" and "Power" forums have been updated. The following forums have been deleted: "ZerOS (forum closed)" - the posts have been moved to relevant
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