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  1. Jon Hole

    Output from PhantomZerOS

    Hi James, There's no way to use Phantom ZerOS to control a physical fixture without the Unlock Dongle, but you can use our free Capture "presentation files" to play around with Phantom ZerOS within a visualisation package. There's more information here: http://support.zero88.com/988883201 Jon
  2. Jon Hole

    USB Show Save/Load Issue

    Hi sabah69, Strange. What make, model and size of USB stick are you using? Try doing a Factory Restore, save the empty showfile to the USB stick, unplug the USB stick, plug it back in, and then try loading that "empty" showfile back into the console. Now try loading something else. Does that work?
  3. Jon Hole

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    It's quite normal for us to have a "factory only" build of software for a brand new console which doesn't need to get uploaded online.
  4. Jon Hole

    Timecode with ARTNET?

    Thanks for this request Erics, I've added an extra comment to request ZOS-7391 which discusses adding an internal Timecode. I've also added ZOS-8733 specifically for supporting ArtTimeCode (both receiving and generating)
  5. Jon Hole

    Phantom ZerOS

    Of course not, I'm just always torn between using forum names and real names whilst online!
  6. Jon Hole

    Phantom ZerOS

    Thanks kgallen 👍 tbarden - which link were you using?
  7. Jon Hole

    Clear stuck on and laggy

    Hi DramaKing, Have you contacted our support telephone number? Our forum isn't really the place for emergency out of hours support - especially if you have a show starting in 5 minutes! Can you describe what you mean by "hanging up" and "laggy"? Have you got "Programmer Time" enabled (press Z button, and one of the wheels will say "Programmer Time" - the middle button of the wheel will enable and disable it.
  8. Hi ziglight, We're working hard to continuously improve ZerOS for all our customers. The vast majority of our Solution users are telling us they're really happy with the last few software updates. For those who aren't, they have access to the previous software. Just last week we emailed you privately to ask if you'd be interested in testing new software which specifically resolves your main concerns. Therefor I'm surprised you've taken that opportunity to publicly reopen conversations on the forum. We've covered a lot of these issues before, but I'll reply to some of the new points below. A BETA will be released soon that resolves LCD latency. I don't believe this has got worse every release - the latency started during one very specific release, in some situations, for a very specific reason (which we've talked about before - prioritising DMX data and button presses higher than LCD redrawing). We continuously use all our consoles, including Solution, for training, software testing, and personal shows & events. Please can you give examples of when the support team have "given hint might work on the FLX but does not work on Solution"? If that is the case, we'll happily go back and edit those responses as they're clearly incorrect. This was a deliberate decision based upon a lot of customer feedback - including (but not limited to) the following thread. The vast majority of our customers use Solution with an external monitor. We're able to create software that's much simpler, quicker, modern and more intuitive by depending on a monitor, rather than trying to force features onto a set of 5 x 4 buttons. To make software simpler, more intuitive, quicker and more accurate we have to make decisions like this. This is specific to Iiyama monitors - who don't provide unique identifies between their monitors which require different drivers. Therefor, we have to provide a way for you to switch driver. If it's not an Iiyama monitor, this isn't displayed. No "mystical reason" - a reason explained in detail since we launched that feature. I believe we've gone through all the other points you raise before. I'm more than happy to continue conversations on any new points that come out of this reply.
  9. Jon Hole

    Can't get beyond page 1 of a Forum topic

    Sorry... the website was updated with an SSL Security Certificate yesterday (designed to make our website more secure for our customers), and the forum wasn't very happy about it! It was stopping a lot of functionality - including new signups, logging in, editing/deleting posts etc. All fixed now.
  10. Jon Hole

    touch screen problem

    Hi yann, when you see the blue square, so you see text in the middle of the screen that says “Calibration not working? Press ‘Update’ and try again.” If so, have you tried doing that? Jon
  11. Jon Hole

    Android App Update BUG

    Hi Steve, On this thread, martin-144 had success with the new Beta app. If you read through the thread, we detail how to sign up for it. Please give it a go, and let us know how you get on.
  12. Jon Hole

    LF48 No Worky

    Hi leejlight, Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports of Leap Frog 48? For example, a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, usb memory stick etc? Try unplugging all USB devices (in fact, maybe unplug everything apart from power and VGA!) and see if the message continues to display.
  13. Jon Hole

    Samsung Note 10.1

    Hi Martin, ZerOS Monitor acts as a wireless monitor for any ZerOS console - therefor to add this feature, we would need to add it into ZerOS, not into the app. Out of interest, do you need to see the cue list just to see which cue you're currently in, or more than that? I'm just wondering if it would be better to add the cue list intoZerOS Remote, rather than controls to ZerOS Monitor? Jon
  14. Jon Hole

    Starting Cues with Crossfades / hopping between cues

    Correct - if you choose to use the fader to manually crossfade, rather than the GO button and the programmed times, the GO button stops working. You can select the "Next" cue (Yellow line) using a mouse or touchscreen, and then the fader will fade to that cue

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