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    Loved the linebacker 2, seems to be a great idea, I'd buy one straight away.
  2. Ok, I have some great news, we have recieved quite a large donation towards the running of Protechnical 2006, enough so that we can afford to run the event for free. Obviously any donations that you give on the day will be much appreciated and will go towards a nominated charity. This charity has yet to be decided but we would welcome any suggestions with regards to Industry based charities. In addition avolites have also confimed attendance and will be running demo's and training sessions throughout the day. The following manufacturers will be running training sessions as wel
  3. Lighting technicians from across the industry are invited to attend a unique training and social event to be held on the 6 May at the Edge venue in Solihull, near Birmingham. The hosts (Solihull Society of Arts) and organisers (UKSLC.ORG - UK Sound and Lighting Community) have assembled a top team of leading UK console manufacturers to deliver training on the latest lighting desks and entertainment technology throughout the day. Brand names like Compulite, MA, Chamsys, ETC, Zero 88 and Robe are providing a wide variety of lighting control equipment for attendees to use, and their staff
  4. Would partial mode work, you see these movers were brought in at the end of programming and I wasnt really told. And hence they are not programmed into any of the cues, a few cues need the movers in but if I set the brightness to 82% in the previous cue the as the fade up of the previous cue takes place the light comes on and then goes to its value of 82% ready for the next cue where it goes up to 88% and comes on. Is that understandable ? Is there anyway withou reprogramming the 200 or so cues so that it looks bearable ?
  5. Due to some crappy moving lights that our theatre has managed to rent for the duration of an upcoming show I have a problem. Is it possible to edit a value into every single cue without having to press teh edit button on each cue. I have over 200 cues and they all need to have fixture 1 dimmer set to 82% as thats its off value. Do not ask me why, they are more for disco use but anyway I need to use them. Is there a way to multi edit a mover into every cue ? Cheers !!
  6. I like it, it gives me another place to show my love for z88 !!
  7. Guys, Im looking for people who would like to write reviews on sound and lighting products. You would need to review your own kit as we are unable to provide kit at the moment. (this may change very soon) If anyone would like to contribute then post here and I will be in contact soon !! Regards
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