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  1. Briarwoodlight

    Jester DMX input

    I experienced a problem recently with DMX in. I attached a second desk (Chauvet Obey 70) to my Jester 24/48 and saved a number of cues taking the colour and position of movers from the second desk, but with intensity patched to the Jester (to get a timed fade). When I removed the second desk and checked in Program the cues replayed as expected, but when I replayed the same cues in Run the movers reverted to their home setting. I went back to Program and they came out as programmed. In desperation I re-attached the second desk and ran the LTP parameters from that desk which worked OK, but does anyone have any ideas why the output in Run differed from that in Program?
  2. Briarwoodlight

    Aux group

    When setting up auxillaries yesterday I managed to "group" aux 1 and aux 3 so that switching on either also switched on the other. The word "group" appeared in the lowest row on the LCD. I have looked inthe manual and cannot see any reference to this and cannot find anyway to release the group. I have used other aux channels and presume it will clear when I reset the desk at the end of the show. However can anyone tell me how group if I want to and de-group. I have software v3.4.
  3. Briarwoodlight

    Connect to video in

    I want to connect my Jester to a mini LCD TV which does not support VGA, but has a direct video input. Does anyone know of a converter unit which will make this possible?

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