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  1. Hi at all, has anyone a working fixture for that light set? At our creation it is not possible to store at submasters. Kind regards Thank you
  2. Jack_KTown

    Prestfader Problem

    We have an new LeapFrog 96 desk. Soft 5.3.5 We assigned 3 Mac 600 at the first 3 preset faders. Fader 3 will not bring a DMX output at the program window (no value shown under the DMX adress like the first two ones). But when you tag the MAC under the DMX value screen and use the wheel intensity it works fine. We assigned the 3 MAC's once again but the same happend. Any ideas to solve the problem? Thank you in advance Problem "solved": Save the show to stick, delete all, reset desk, load show again. The same happend at preset fader 1 some time later. We tested to assigne a standard dimmer at the concerned fader it works also not. Seems like the connection lost between the fader and the "DMX register".
  3. Jack_KTown

    Sirius 500

    Hello, I have the problem that the desk is loosing the links between memory and brightness submaster when power is switched off. It also happend, when I save the show to the floppydisk and turn power off and then on again. The desk loads the show from the floppydisk rebuild the desk (memorys an focus submaster) no error messages are shown. Then I switch to run mode. The window with the submasters linked to the memorys is empty (when using the submasters nothing happend). But when you press the transfer button in program mode all previous programed links are shown in the pop up window. When the first link is done, the list in the pop up window is cleared and shows the previous done link correcty. Otherwise the desk works fine. Any ideas to solve the problem? Thank you in advance. Some additional infos: Desksoft: 3.9 Global fixtures: 4.0

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