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  1. I have a leapfrog 96 running the latest solution software, when scrolling through submaster pages the desk locks up and a black cross appears on the screen. i have to restart the desk to correct this. is there a fix for this problem?
  2. after naming submasters for a show i found that most of the names had disappeared when i started the desk up. all fixtures operate ok just annoying that names had gone. any ideas?
  3. hi i tried to follow your instructions but still no luck, entered setup and selected faders 31-35 which is where it was before, pressed delete but nothing happened. i have attached the manual that i think is the correct one for my cloth. everything else has patched in and is working its just getting this onto the faders that i cant do. i looked in the manual for the desk but still no luck. any help would be appreciated. 40342_MANUAL_GB_V2.pdf
  4. Thanks for that I will give it a try tomorrow.
  5. i have a showtec star sky mk2 and it was operated using faders 31 onwards, having wiped the desk it is now not working. i tried to patch it back to the faders but no response at all, when i checked the dip switches they were set at 250 (2,4,5,6,7,8). how do i patch this back in to operate on the faders? i have a leaprfrog 96 with latest software. many thanks
  6. can you still get old fixture library files for the leapfrog96? i have some vareytec par 56 lamps but cant patch them in as they are not in the fixture library. PAR 56 LED DMX RGB Short housing DMX 512 controllable 6 DMX channels RGB colour mix Stand alone function Sound-to-Light mode 151 LED (51 red, 49 green, 51 blue) Power consumption: Max. 26 W Dimensions: 350 x 285 x 260 mm Weight: 2 kg Incl. Filter frames Colour: Black Further information
  7. hi all since updating to the new os I can no longer select fixtures on my desk. pushing the home button has no effect. I have a leapfrog 96. any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hi all. i have a leapfrog 96 with the latest software installed and have recently tried to use universe 2 to patch some new effects lights. im an amateur so please be kind, can you run two universes at the same time? universe 2 has a cable running to an extra dmx splitter but no matter what i try i cant get any lights to work on it. both universes are enabled in the setup menu and i have green lights on all of the splitter output channels. any help would be appreciated. i tried using an rgb par to test it but still nothing
  9. Hi all i've been trying to install the new zero os onto a 1gb memory stick and keep getting the following message Installing to drive D: Formatting drive... Format Completed successfully. Installing boot sector... Copying install files to drive... ERROR : Extraction of install files failed.. Installation Failed. i've tried installing as administrator for both MBR files but still get the same message, please help. i am using windows 8.1 thanks in advance
  10. hi all I was trying to program a memory stack today but each time I pressed the record button I got black screen with a white x in the centre and the desk locked up, anyone have any ideas why this is happening. using zero os 7.6 thanks in advance mike
  11. Hi all does anyone know where I can buy a wheel assembly for a leapfrog 96 desk. I've looked through the distributers web sites but cant seem to find one. even google couldn't help thanks in advance
  12. i tried to catch the channels but still no luck. this is so frustrating
  13. im in non tracking mode and it is the channel faders that are the problem. i have a dimmer rack patched to the first six faders and these are the ones giving me the problem
  14. Hi guys, i am trying to set up a show on the go button but when i programe a memory it wont let me adjust the fixtures for the next memory. it seem to be only the dimmer racks that are affected,and i am unable to reduce the brightness of any of the cans connected to the dimmers. i have tried everything i could think of but to no avail. i have also looked through the threads on here but with no luck.im using a leapfrog 96 with 7.4 software installed and the latest fixture library. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  15. Hi i have a leapfrog 96 and was trying to add 2 showtec 250 pro moving heads. i managed to add then but cannot control all the functions with the wheels. i tried to focus them but was unable to. when i tried to use the faders where they were asigned i found that they no longer had any function and moving them did nothing. if you assign a light to a dmx address why do those faders not work? can anyone tell me where i am going wrong? if you add fixtures to the mfks can you use those non functioning channels for other things? please help mike
  16. thanks for the help tried it and am very happy with the effect
  17. Hi everyone. what a great forum, it has allready answered a lot of my early questions but there are two things i need help with. firstly i work in a small 200 seat theatre that hosts a lot of music shows. we have just aquired a leapfrog 96 and need help with the following. we have two showtec 250 pro moving heads, and i want to program them to move around the stage with a gobo and colour in place. can this be programed to happen off just one MFK? we also have 34 starville LED parcans above the stage on 4 bars. at the moment they are grouped into threes as each lamp takes up 5 channels. is it
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