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  1. pcollins666

    LCD Back light failure

    Yes, this happened to me on an ML48 at a venue I was working at a few years ago. The whole display PCB was replaced by a Zero88 field rep. I would contact the Support boys for advice. cherrs, John
  2. pcollins666

    Paul McEwan

    Just wanted to send my condolences to the family, friends and Zero88 colleagues of Paul McEwan, who died this past weekend. Despite only meeting Paul for the first time exactly one year ago, he made a lasting impression, with his enthusiasm for the products he demonstrated, his technical support and his smile. I suddenly found a kindred spirit when I spoke to him of my obsession with Vari-Lite. When personally delivering my repaired FLX to my house, he viewed my Vari-Lite museum pieces with excitement and shared his stories of the time he worked on them in the 1980's. I am truly devastated at the loss of such a genuinely nice guy so soon. John Weitzen JW Lighting Services
  3. pcollins666

    So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    My wife bought an apple watch last week, unrelated to my needs obviously, but you didn't hear me saying "Do you really need this?"!! All ideas above developing nicely! I am agreeing totally with Jon's & Edwards's line of thought above to achieve a really powerful focus tool. Swipe selection and Focus Groups options, yes. Also agree with Edward's suggestion for a simplified keyboard as well, for those missed channels! Wow this is exciting! Looking forward to the Beta! Cheers, John
  4. pcollins666

    So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    Also, in the meantime, could Z Remote get a single 'Focus' screen with a quick channel(s) select/deselect option and an intensity encoder wheel? This would eliminate having to swap screens using the menu, when up a ladder! Cheers, John
  5. pcollins666

    So, let's talk ZerOS & Smart Watches

    I don't have an Apple Watch yet but I would buy one for this. Anything that would eliminate having to juggle my iPhone up a truss would be great! Crucial for me when focusing is being able to select any fixture, not necessarily sequentially, and wind up intensity so I don't blow a lamp. Some way to scroll quickly to the channel you want, as mentioned by Edward above, would be ideal. Cheers, John
  6. pcollins666

    Tracking Mode/Move on Dark

    Perfect, thanks for clarifying!
  7. pcollins666

    Tracking Mode/Move on Dark

    Thanks Kevin, Sounds like he is jumping to cues at the end of his stack and then jumping back. I am in effect leaving gaps in my stack which I fill as each dance comes up in rehearsal, so was hoping that the move-on-dark process would just see the inserted block of cues and act on them? John
  8. pcollins666

    Tracking Mode/Move on Dark

    Hi, Just looking at the FLX as a possible upgrade to my Jester ML48 for my dance shows and so am in the process of looking at all the functions. I would enjoy not having to program black out cues to reset my movers before each piece, so 'Move on Dark' would be great. I, however, have to program most of my dance shows out of sequence. I number each dance 10, 20, 30 etc. then program the relevant blocks of cues in the rehearsal order. It then obviously all runs in sequence with the running order of the show. If I do this will the tracking, 'move on darks', work correctly? Cheers, John
  9. Can you confirm if there has been an update to the operating software since December 2009? I loaded Version 3.0 at that time. Current version is 3.3. Can you tell me if it is worth my while updating my operating software to 3.3? Cheers, John
  10. pcollins666

    Jester ML Operating Software

    Just wondering if there is going to be another update to the Jester ML Operating software and if so, when is it likely to happen?
  11. pcollins666

    Deleting memory stack only

    On several occasions I have wanted to delete the memory stack but keep the programmed submasters. In Set up mode you do not get the option to delete one or the other, only both. Only way is to delete each memory one by one. Could this option be made available in the next software update? It's not a big issue but would be a 'nice to have' if it was easy to add! Cheers, John
  12. pcollins666

    Fixture dimming on Submasters

    Thanks again Peter for letting me know that I needed to create a New file and then Import the old library, selecting the files I required. I now have a MiniMAC fixture profile with a dimmer channel. Cheers, John
  13. pcollins666

    Fixture dimming on Submasters

    Afraid I didn’t get very far…! Could you clarify the process of finding the existing Fixture profile and importing it into the editor. Can’t find the File, Import Fixture Type option. Do I use the Fixture Library Release 21 file from the website? Or am I just barking up the wrong tree!
  14. pcollins666

    Fixture dimming on Submasters

    Thanks for that Peter! Will give it a go. Cheers, John
  15. pcollins666

    Fixture dimming on Submasters

    Just purchased a Jester ML48. Have tried it out with my miniMac Profile. As the dimmer function is controlled with the shutter, i.e under the Beamshape menu, is there a way to control the dimmer function manually on a submaster fader, other than programming a timed fade up submaster and a timed fade down submaster or by using the wheel. The wheel isn’t that practical live as the strobe kicks in at 50%. Cheers, John

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