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  1. Hello Peter, Is there any hope for us issue ZOS-1246 will be fixed ? Locking "Setup" by password would be sufficent but additional locking options would be a "nice to have". Great would be something like a booting sequence (like Windows) with 1 "administrator" (Full access to all desk options, create/erase users) and some "users" with own showfiles started after entering their password but not allowed to do something in desk setup. Kind regards Alex
  2. I found a solution using DMX in and an interface MIDI->DMX. Every MIDI note can be set to every DMX channel in one universe. There are a lot of functions to form DMX signal. So I use a keyboard with keystroke and can dimm PAR channels :-) Also submaster with shutter programmms for moving lights, 3 keys for RGB led tubes for flash effects and so on.... Now I'm able to do lights with my frog in a club the way I know from earlier times on an ALS ENIGMA The name of the interface is MDX-65.
  3. Hi Peter, Thank you for your fast reply. I'll take a look at the backpanel. Perhaps the MIDI unit is allready built in. Otherwise could you quote please?
  4. Hello all, Is it possible to use an USB music keyboard to toggle submasters/channels? Thx for your help
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