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  1. Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, had to dash to a job in London :/. Desk details are Os version: 7.7.0 Co processors say they are ok
  2. I'm running the latest stable release as I don't want to use the beta for a show. I'll double check exactly what version in an hour. I just need fk drive to the venue as that's where the desk is
  3. Hi guys Experienced a problem with my solution desk on Sunday halfway through a show. I was programming some effects into a cue when the desk almost as if could and handle all the data. I had generic lights up, programmed a rainbow effect across 10 led parcans, a small circular motion on 6 movers and as I went to program 2 other movers to do a a circular motion, after pressing the effect the desk just stopped responding to anything I did on it, and it would have a 30 second to 1min delay on the lights actually changing. I had a look at the system info and during all this the processor load is about 22% and I'm using half the memory. At the moment the desk is rendered pointless because when I trigger a cue in the memories, with the delay being about 30 seconds the lights don't change on cue. My first love show is this Friday, so I'm worried!!! I have a video of the desk not playing ball, I'll upload it now and post the link.
  4. Hey, Sounds like an issue I had which I found out to be down to the way the desk was setup, which was LTP. I'm guessing you are bring up the red parameter then recording to a submaster1. Then bring the red down and green up and recording that to submaster2. This will track red to be 0 and green to be 100% on the green submasters. Instead of bring red down, press the clean button on the desk which will untrack everything and reset it to 0 then bring the green and record that to submaster2. You should be able to mix colours now using those subs. That the way I got over it a few weeks back. There might be an easier way, not sure lol
  5. i'd be more than happy Jon, want me to send you an email?
  6. Hi Jon, thanks for the quick reply. Just went to start programming for another show forgetting about the error and it crashed haha (seems to be when programming the first memory it crashes the desk) I'll keep an eye out for the update
  7. I'm trying to build the chase to see if I can get it to freeze again, but instead the desk keeps crashing now. just grabbing the crash logs and ill attach them heres the attachments
  8. I will do tomorrow morning first thing. I have 6 led bars each with 24 blocks of LEDs in. I was just bringing each blue block on step by step. I have deleted the chase on my saved show but I'll rebuild it in the morning then email the saved show over to you. Dan
  9. Hi, Think I may have found a bug in the is. I was in the middle of programming a chase and got to about 32 steps when the auto save kicked in a saved. At the moment there's nothing programmed apart from this chase which I was trying some new lights out with.after it auto saved, the DMX output's froze and and I couldn't bring anything up or doen. then after a min the faders/movers I had tried to move before all came to life and everyone was back to normal. Tried it again creating another chase over 32 steps and it did it again. Using the latest OS
  10. Hey, Just so you know, we had the same issue with the demux a few years ago. Everything would be working fine, then bam, some lights would flicker, go 100% but the desk show no output but the dimmers showing input, i'd lose control and have to restart everything. First i thought it was the desk then then demux. So i had a play with the din cables, unplugged and rewired and it all worked. So during a show I was ordering some new leads to be delivered next day. New DIN leads arrived, plugged in and turned on and it did it again. So I just sent the unit back to Zero88 who bench tested it. Reporting to faults back, touch wood, it's all working fine still. Weird...
  11. Hi Jon, ok i'll give that ago when i get there later. I'll also sent across the bits above over too. cheers
  12. Hi, I'm in the middle of a show at the moment, and needed to program a sub memorie chase which changes some led pars colour to white then fades back down to its original state which i then drop the slider down. I seam to have an issue with the desk not showing the values of steps, fade up, fade down, colour etc. When you highlight say the step, the step numbers vanish to just a blue field and wont even show that i have highlighted the field in yellow. If i press enter to edit the field the sub memorie page will lock up/lag (im not sure) and i have to enter memories then go back to submasters to be able to move the highlighter again. When im back at the theatre tomorrow i'll take a few photos of what i mean and upload it. I'm wondering if it's just a glitch in zerOS?
  13. Don't worry, I have solved the issue. It was relating to Positive/Negative RGB in the fixture profile. Just created another profile with the polarity being the other way.
  14. Received a Solution Desk today! The trusty Fat Frog was too small for us ;(. Anyhow, Put a few lights onto the desk, moving heads, led parcans and for some reason the LED parcans are working in reverse. Say i output the desk at 100% on RGB the fixture goes off. If I set the output to 0% the lights come on at 100%. Had a look in the manual if fixtures can be reversed but apart from pan/tilt theres nothing. Is this an issue with the desk? Cheers Dan
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