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  1. That's exactly what it was. It had fallen behind the counter and the power supply was kinda jammed up against it. Pulled it back up on the counter and it's working properly now. Thanks very much!
  2. I will check that out. That's a good idea, since the other day I didn't see the keyboard on the counter/table anywhere, so it may have dropped behind and maybe lodged against something causing it to stick. I hope that's what it is!
  3. A volunteer turned on our Fat Frog in our student ministry and it was on a particular cue-- the last cue used prior, but the cue screen was scrolling through cues as if you were trying to find cues, but the buttons for that were not being depressed or stuck either. If you changed screens to ouputs or something else, it was doing the same thing. He unplugged the console and then started it back up again and it was still doing the same thing. We've had the console for about 5 years and nothing like this has happened before. Do I need to do a clean reset of the console then reload the show, or is there something I'm missing that I should try before I do that. Unfortunately I don't remember the last time a show was saved, and it's running (I believe) v9.8.
  4. I'm sure someone's covered tagging before, but I have a Fat Frog (in partial mode) with all the faders being used. I added some additional pars with no way to add them except to use some portable dim packs and assign them as fixtures. I tried programming two lights that are assigned to fixtures to a memory and it wouldn't record them. I believe I was tagging them(?), but from reading the manual- I don't fully understand the difference between when the yellow led's are flashing or the red led's are flashing. AND/OR if you tag the fixtures, make the changes you want then un-tag the fixtures before recording, etc. I know it can be done 'cause I've done it before (I'm actually trying to edit a particular memory), but this console's in our youth room which I get to twice or 3 times a year so I forget a lot between times... AND, would it be better for me to be in full mode??
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