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  1. Ian_SDC

    Software Update

    Thanks Jon, After our current production I'll give it a go. Ian
  2. Ian_SDC

    Software Update

    We have just purchased a 2nd hand Leapfrog48. Software version is 5 someting. Can I upgrade straight to the latest version without any issues
  3. Ian_SDC


    Thanks Jon, I will change all to Linear after the Panto run has finished in case it changes dimmer levels. Ian
  4. Ian_SDC


    I am using a mixture of Betapack 2, 3 and Chill's. I understand the law on a Betapack 2 is set to Linear by default. On the Betapack 3's i have left it as the default Normal. My question is should the Betapack 3's and the Chilli's also be set to Linear. Ian
  5. Betapack 2 was working fine till on DMX until someone plugged a Zero 88 analogue board in. Now wehn powered up no lights on the front. Could it be they had the Voltage to pin 7 set to the wrong version and it has burnt something out. Or is it just a fuse inside somewhere
  6. Can anyone tell me if you can assign DMX channels to the submasters on a Frog. I am doing pantomime and need another two channels (50 in all) for the LED cans
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