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  1. Hi there I have a few questions about the leapfrog 48. 2 weeks from now I have to oparate on a live show with a lot of dimmers and moving heads. Since i'm verry limited by playbacks I would like to use mij preset fades as well during the live show. So I'm able to controll my front lights with preset faders and effects and fixtures with the submasters. I'm gonna use the desk in wide mode, then I have 48 faders to controll my dimmers. When I use a flash button (or fader) of my presets they are set in the programmer. So when I have a submaster with that same dimmer in it... it won't work
  2. Hi! Is there any way to transfer pallets with a fixture? Mostly I use the same fixtures, for example movitec 250 spot, briteq PowerBeam (RGB) and JB-Systems LED-Tubes. They are many other fixtures, but these ask most of the programming time because I have to match the color mixings with the preset colors in the moving lights. I tried auto-pallets, but the desk always makes different pallets for each fixture so my colors a split over serveral pages, en that doesn't work for me? There has to be another way to make this more efficient? Please let me know!
  3. Hi Does somebody know a free visualiser that works with the zero 88 desk? Mayby trought art-net. I wan't to do some programming in advance so it would be very helpfull. But I don't have the budget to buy a visualiser, they are mostly very expensive.
  4. Hi I assume you mean elements of the same type? for example, when you have a submaster with pan & tilt set. And you wanne make another one where the pan has a different value but the tilt does not have to be changed. As far is I know the desk highligts the tilt to and memorises it. Same voor CMY and RGB, they seam to be connected together. An other thing you need to know... A submaster always releases the values set in the submaster when it stops. You can change that in the extra tap in the submaster window. This mean that when you stop a submaster, the MH colors, position, gobo,
  5. It is the D-Link DIR-615, I gues it is working as an DCHP host because my desk says he recieve an IP adres en I can view it on my external screen. My phone is also able to connect to the router, but he doesn't find a desk. I don't have the desk with me, so I can't give you an exact ip, but that is not the case I gues. Do I have the change settings on my router? Open port or something (gues not because it is a LAN) What can I do to make it work? Where is the hardware update for then? On the website it says, art-net..../remote? So?
  6. Hi guys, I'm a leapfrog user, and I have a question about the remote function. I have a iPhone 3G with the ZerOS app on it installed. Also I bult in my flightcase an D-Link Router with accespoint, so I can connect through wifi with the console. I'm currently running 7.4. 0 on my desk, I have the remote enabled, and the desk tells me he has a DCHP adress, so in short.... my desk ik connected to the router. Now when I connect my iphone the AP en open the app, I'm not able to see my desk. Does this mean it is nog working is do I have to upgrade my desk first with the hardeware upgr
  7. I'm also an iphone and LeapFrog 48 user. I'm verry intrested in a iphone remote for a leapfrog 48. Is there any news recently? I don't know if it's posible but. I have a DMX interface for my laptop. Can I use luminair on my iphone, send my DMX signal via wifi to my laptop. Then convert the artnet signal to DMX using my DMX interface. Is this a posible solution or not?
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