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  1. Hi Peter, I love a simple answer! It works great... RGB to my heart's content! Thanks very much. Mark
  2. Hi Zero88 Gurus, I'm using PhantomZerOS to evaluate the possible purchase of a Leap Frog 96. My problems is this: Using Fixture Tools, a newly created custom fixture (Chauvet ColorDASH Par) with colors in the general tab/Special box set for Red - Positive, Green - Positive, and Blue - Positive, will display on the virtual console as Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. I've tried various experimental combinations of both RGB and CYM to get RGB to display properly and have had no luck. Only CYM will display on the virtual console's LCD above the jog wheels. As you can probably guess, I'm using Fixture Editor/Parameters/ General tab/Special box so that the fixture can be used with the color picker. What am I doing wrong with this? I'm including the fixture file I've been working with. ColorDASHv3RGB.ift Thanks much, Mark
  3. Hi! Wanted to add my voice to the iPhone chorus. Integrated software for the iPhone would be wonderful. Cheers!
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