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  1. hi there i have used this desk for over two years now at my college so know it inside out. hope my answers are of help to you. yes you can control led lights, you attach them to a fixture just how you do for the intelligient lighitng you use. yes you can you have to use a attribute called pallets. on a pallet you can programme gobo's, colour's, positions and intensity. yes you can turn of the brightness without sending the fixture to home you simply put it to zero when it is in whichever position it is in. then the shutter will shut. to then re-use the brightness you simply scroll it up to the brightness you desire. hope this helps lucy
  2. we have a fat frog desk at college, unfortunatly everything is going wrong with this desk. when you put up a single channel with just one patched luminaire sometimes more than just this single luminaire comes on. we have checked the pathcing in the dimmer packs itself, the manual patching on the desk and all the dmx outputs on the desk. all of which is fine so we cant find any explaination for this problem. also when plotting cues random luminaires that you have not put up on there fader just flashes randomly. again we can find no explaination for this. also unless you have the grand master and the a/b and playback master at full because when you do this the house lights and other luminaire will flash. as well as this out dimmer keep tripping out up to 4 times a day, we are unsure whether this is due to the desk sending signals via dmx to cause it tripping out or another reason. we have had the desk about 6 years now. can anyone help us try to fix it? we have a show next week so this is very important.
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