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  1. Hello. Here is my situation. In a couple of weeks I will need to direct a show. I will have 10 my 250 and 2 mac 500 smart lights. The board that I will have will be fat frog. I have used this board last year for the same event. I have a couple of questions, please answer them all or the ones you can answer. All the help would be greatly appreciated. Even though I spend 3 nights staying up before the show last year, and I did get everything working, organizers were surprised and happy. But I'm still a beginner, and I don't know a lot about this. My questions are: Is it possible to use different fixtures, and regular stage lights all controlled from fat frog, to create better lighting effect. What I mean is use stage lights as well as moving lights to program stage chases. Another Question: Is fat frog capable of controlling led lights? Another question: Is it possible to assign (position, beamshape, color, etc) to sliders such as submasters. So that at the bottom of the slider the values would be zero. As I start bringing the slider up, the values gradually increase. I want to program the x position on one slider, and the y position on another slider. So that when I need to move the robots, I can easily do so by bringing up the sliders. Please explain what is possible, and if it is, how do I do this? I have tried programming onto the submasters in my Phantom frog. But as soon as I bring up the slider, its values go up to its highest values. Another Question: If anyone has experience, please help me with this. How exactly is the show supposed to be synced to the music. What I mean, is lets say I want to program a chase for a song. How will I make sure the correct lights do the correct things and the correct part of the song. I have seen something about the time code in the setup, but I have no idea what it all means. Also, is it possible to turn off the brightness of the fixtures, or adjust the brightness of the fixtures at any time? Or do I have to send them home to do that? I remember I had problems with brightness last year. How do I adjust the brightness of the moving fixtures at any time? Thank you very much for reading this, please help me with the information you have. I have a couple of weeks until I need to start programming, and now I'm just trying to figure everything out on the phantom frog, to be ready. Thanks.
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