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  1. Have you sent it to strand? I was told it would be highly unlikely they would be able to repair ours unless we paid more than it was worth. They told me they didnt make the parts anymore so I was better off upgrading - although I think they meant me upgrading to a newer strand desk!! I know you can get the parts - its like owning an old car - just because the car company dont make them anymore it doesnt mean to say you cant get the parts, but depending on exactly what is wrong with it it could be very very expensive! :roll:

  2. WOW! :D I'm overwelmed by the responce! I can see that obviously the support network for this is first class. At the moment we only have the basics - par 64/56's, frez, profiles etc but we are hoping to expand into some basic intellegent lights and with a bit of luck and persuasion the department want to run a technical theatre course. So for the moment we need something that will do the bog standard in plays, variety and dance shows but in the long run we need soimething than can do more than just turn a lamp on! We have a strand GLX and it really is on its last legs - keeps crashing (usually midf performance) need to be booted up 3 or 4 times at a minimum before it will work, none of the fx will work - it wont assign them to the toggles and really is just very annoying! However saying that our board was bought in 1996 and when I used when I myself wass a student it worked fine. Well thanks a lot and when we get our frog Im sure Ill be chatting to you all again! :wink:

  3. Im a newbie techie at Grimsby Institute of further and higher education (short name I know) and am business planning for a new LX board. I really like the sound of the fat frog but would like a bit of info from people who have used them in reality as apposed to sales reps! Are they a good quality, do they live up to their standards etc? Has anyone had any huge problems with them?

    Would be gratefull for some feedback,

    Steph 8O

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