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  1. Webbo

    Remote Zeros Slow Response

    Hi John. The desk seems to run fine, so figure it must be the Android app? Webbo
  2. Webbo

    Remote Zeros Slow Response

    Hi, I am trying to use the zeros remote V4.1.13 on both a SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace phone & 10" Galaxy tab2 with a Netgear router to a Solution desk, bought this year. To say the response is slow is an understatement, I could literally, come down a ladder, across the hall, up into the balcony & into the lighting control room to operate the desk quicker than than trying to do it on my Android. This is proving to be a big dissapointment so far as this was one of the features that persuaded me to recommend this desk for our local Theatre to buy it. Even when a screen comes up, it crashes when rotating the screen. Have I missed something in the setup, or has anyone got any suggestions as to how to make this app' useable?
  3. Webbo

    Led Wash Light On Solution Desk

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the suggestions, I'm using them in 12 ch mode, on the same line as a couple of CP HPE Miniscans on U4, addresses are HB 4-73 (12Ch) CP 4-91 (7 Ch) CP 4-102 (7Ch) HB 4-109 (12Ch) The CP's work fine. All work fine on the FROG. The ST0701 looks like a HEADBANGER (who the heck thought that name up?) in disguise! At the moment, both wash's run in "no DMX detected mode" very pretty for disco's but no good for shows. I'll have a go with your ideas & see what happens. Thanks. Keith
  4. Hi, Having taken delivery of our new SOLUTION desk, (very nice, thank you), has anyone had any success writing a fixture type for the STAGG HB10 or SHOWCASE TECHNOLOGIES ST0701? They (2) work fine with our aging Fat Frog, but the SOLUTION doesn't show any interest in them at all?
  5. Webbo


    Started a new thread on this topic, then found this one. Has anybody tried to fit a Floppy to USB adaptor in the FROG? These are available on e-bay from £20 or so & are designed to replace the floppy in textile machinery. Supposed to be a simple plug n play installation.
  6. Webbo

    Nothing to Record

    Yes I am working in Partial mode and have fixtures running. I'll have a play when I get my current show out of the way. Many thanks.
  7. Webbo

    Nothing to Record

    I have an intermittant problem with my Fat Frog. Sometimes when recording a cue, the screen comes up with "Nothing To Record - Continue Yes, No, Cancel" We've had the desk serviced and new batteries fitted, but the problem persists, anyone got any ideas?

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