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  1. Hi folks... From a recent gig I did with a Fat Frog I was never able to record a position chase which did not affect the colour of either Mac 300s or MiniMac Profiles. I've been playing with the offline editor for a while now, and can't work it out. I've set partial recording mode, and can successfully record subs of a) Intensity of mover Two-step position chase If I bring both up in any order, then apply a colour from a palette, it works fine. I can then close the fader for the position chase, which stops the lamps in their tracks, retaining the paletted colour. The problem arises when I raise the same fader again, expecting the position chase to start again and not affect other attributes. Instead, the colour reverts to open (or, I assume, whatever it was when the position chase was programmed.) The same happens for gobos, rotation etc. Any wisdom? The answer is probably something really trivial, but my thanks to whoever has the patience to answer...
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