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  1. Hi, I need the following replacement parts, can somebody please give me a part number? i have attatched a picture and marked the parts i require. 1 x variable resistor with an on off click to replace chase potentiometer 1 x thumb wheel cover ( the one that sits on top of the main panel) 1 x power supply thanks josh
  2. Hi, I'm looking at replacing nearly all of the faders on our frog, can someone point me in the direction where I can get them from please and a price (uk) thanks Josh
  3. Hi, Could you tell me what faders are used in the XLS board please and also could they replace the submaster faders on the Fat Frog. Thanks Josh
  4. Thanks i will give it a go and let you know how i get on. Josh
  5. Right i am completely confused with this topic and have tried every possible combination of things to try and do it. I am trying to have one sub with a position movement on one submaster with a colour chase on and one submaster with a dimmer chase on so that i can mix looks like you can on avolites pearl where you can have 3 running at once so that your layering up a look. Can this be done on a Fat Frog or not? josh
  6. Hi peter, Thank you i will ring you asap, im sorry i haven't had time to even check this forum over christmas with shows etc. josh
  7. Hi i am wondering if there is a shortcut that can take you to a certain memory ie. if i was on memory 1 but wanted to go to memory 210 is there any way of jumping straight to it like a go to kind of option. Also i am at the end of my teather will trying to source parts for my fat frog, i have contacted the forums several times, rang copper controls who said they would ring back the same day and im still waiting 3 weeks later, and even gone to lancely theatre supplies i have been trying to sort out these parts for at least 3 months, all i want is the part number, price and one phone number that
  8. thanks for your help will be in touch to order the parts.
  9. Hi, I have been in touch with keith rogers from cooper controls regarding trying to get a new over-ride and chase knob, there was abit of confusion at first as i wanted the actual potentiometer that you solder into the board and not just the cover, i cannot get hold of Keith and have tried for the past couple of days, he did give me a part number last time i got in touch which was 4407400 which when i came to order i was told that it no longer exists? so i now need a new Over-ride potentiometer and a chase potentiometer ASAP can anyone help? thanks Josh
  10. i am using a fat frog in a show today and have programmed about 15 scenes no problem and names them all but for some reason it now wont let me name any other memories that i program pressing F2 doesn't do anything on the desk or keyboard its like its ignoring me, can anyone help? could do with a response by 3.00pm today
  11. I have a fat frog with a broken chase knob, a few dodgey faders, a dodgy GO button and its missing some fader knobs, the joys of working in a high school are just becoming apparent considering they have a show next week so need the parts for next thursday and also would be handy if you could get off an online shop so i can buy using schools credit card. any suggestions? Josh
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