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  1. Hi. my hard working fat frog is getting tired the outputs toggle swith/button and fixture button 2 toggle / swith have failed and i am looking to replace them is there somwhere i can contact to get new / good second hand replacements Thanks Richard
  2. Thank you... the 0.5 /0.75 was just an example i will try the turn the speed down option also i suppose i could enter an extra steps ramping up 25% 50% 75 % 100% ( im using leds ) your help has been much appreciated thank you
  3. Hi im having a very frustrating time adding fade to chase steps ie fade up .5 sec fade down .75 sec read the relevent part of the manual but must be doing somthing wrong does the speed knob have to be right the way down..?.. also type window keeps returning to S.C. instead of staying C and what are the time increments 00:00.0 im presuming minutes seconds tenths finally where can i get a replacement push switch for the output section as mine is not working Thanks Rich
  4. Oh right...! thats not really an option then i do use the aux monitor as a matter of course so no real loss just annoying also im in the process of fitting an extra work light ( bendy light ) the installed one is ok but not enough throw for the whole desk ive changed the original littlelight type for led generic 4 square ( eagle brand ) Thanks for your reply cheers Rich
  5. jesterfish


    Hi on my fat frog has been the victim of sound engineer " houmour" hmmm.....!! after returning to desk after sorting somthing or other the small screen that shows the displays for generics and set up etc etc ( function screen ) had been covered in lx tape and ribald comments written on it so far so normal. the problem came when i took lx tape off half the display has become fuzzy and out of focus looking at it closely there seems to be a lacquer on top of the screen so half the screen is in focus half is fuzzy the tape has taken part of this covering off is it possable to replace the display or the lacquer on the display. i do use an monitor display as a normal thing ( more info visable at anyone time ) its just annoying cheers Rich
  6. HI . thanks for reply i will try that on wed i had noticed that offset was input at 10 % increment and zeroed them before start also the offset reset itself when trying to reprogramme same effect could this be a preset done with the fixture editor ? although i think this unlikely as fal 2000 are in the fixture library as a choice so no need to set a custom profile thanks for your reply. Rich
  7. Hi. just got back from gig using a friends fat frog being familier with setting up submasters with basic scenes chases etc i got a bit annoyed when i set up a forward sweep i ie: scanner beams start at back travel forward and then back and repeat ( y axis ) i found that the beams would go 2 one way 2 the other when i entered the speed option ( offset at zero) also set to Relative mode. in manual tilt mode all scans set the same ( no reverse tilt or pan ) im assuming there must be a preset that needs altering as my f/frog will do a forward sweep no problem thanks jesterfish
  8. Hi my venerable demux 48 went up in smoke the other day while setting up gig upon investigation it looks like either the onboard battery has leaked and created a short or some rouge foil has shorted across a chip ( i think 623n ) as charring is evident also there is charring around one of the ribbon connector holders for socapex option what i am enquiring about is the possibility of repair as it is now an '' obsolete'' item is it still supported...?? its definatly going to require a chip possably a main circuit board possably a new internal battery Thanks Jesterfish
  9. Right profile sorted after much messing about corrupt disks etc so its me not machine ( typical lol) i was missing somthing simple or not doing somthing else not sure what though. Jesterfish
  10. Ok got to grips with fixture editor created profile went out and bought some new 3.5 discs formatted in frog downloaed file from p.c. placed disc back in fat frog and it comes up with screen message no fixture information on disc put disc back in p.c. and info comes up straight away starting to pull hair out now any suggestion and advice welcomed Jesterfish
  11. Hi Thowing this out for disscussion consideration ( shooting down in flames etc ) on a whim googled usb floppy emulator and serch cam back with http://www.ipcas.com/products/usb-floppy-emulator-fdd-to-udd.html which claims to directly replace ANY 3.5 floppy drive 1-to -1 the ipcas unit is around 249 euro £220.00 but have a look on e.bay non branded units at around £40.00 they all originate in china / asia point is could we non usb fitted frog users retro fit these ..?? dimentions and fittings claim to be same as standard floppy case warrenties for desk not withstanding etc what about formatting issues ? not being a computer wizard myself waiting for the mud to fly Jesterfish
  12. Thank you i will have a look - jesterfish
  13. Hi im loking to build / create a fixture entry for a moving head ( silver star 250 wash , fixed colour )and having probs finding chapter in manual am i missing somthing obvious ?? fixture disc does not have list for this head ( prob behind on updates ) 1 is fat frog able to create fixtures from scratch ? 2 how would i go about this ? thanks in anticipation Jesterfish
  14. Thanks for reply had an idea it might be that had a similar problem with another desk turned out to be corosion on printed cicuit track. im not too bad with screwdriver as i recently had to have case open to fix the thumb wheels as the had been pressed though. Jesterfish
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