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  1. I've tested it today and on my fat frog the chase doesn't stop..There is no movement or frog effect programmed.The chase goes on and on...
  2. @k-nine:Thanks for this!Thats why im wondering about sometimes it stops and another time not... @yves:I make lots of events in clubs etc.i´ve got some very fast chases on my scanners and i dont want to use them all the night .if the shutter is closed,they must not move around...i think its a question of the fixtures lifetime..
  3. Hi! Is there anyone who can give me a reason to bring the fixtures in his home-position when i put down the submaster?E.g.i have a chase with an golden scan within and put it to a submaster.If i put it down,the fixture dims only and doesnt stop its movement.On a frog 2,there it works. Thanks!
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