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  1. Hi! I'm from Switzerland so I don't speak your language very well. I sometimes use a BullFrog with the theatrical company of my high school (I'm 16). Well, 'cause the teather isn't public I can't learn to use the BullFrog better and learn more functionalities of it (to do a better "lightning set" next year) directly on the desk. So, I downloaded the manual and the Phantom Frog program, but there are still some things I don't understand reading the manual and remembering what the director of the teather told me in May when he explained to me the most basic features of the lightning desk. Especially I can't understand what functions are related on these terms: - what's the LTP fade time? - what means "dwell" on the Frog? - idem for "trigger"... - what is a chase and which function control the "Drive", "Direction" and "Attack" buttons? Well, reading the post upper I understand that if I have to program a set of lights (a scene) with fading times and names, I can put it into a memory and, using the Playback X function, put it on (button GO; Pause and Override, or Step if something changes in the order of playing). Otherwise, if I want a complete manual control I can use the Submasters. It's correct to say that it isn't useful to use a CHASE memory if the theater hasn't DMX lights? I think that 'cause the fixtures control (moving lights and others DMX llights) aren't enabled in the theater where i usually work. Excuse me for the very very very bad English and big greetings. Isaac
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